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Henry vacuum cleaners made in Britain

British made vacuum cleaners.

Now that Hoover and Dyson make their products abroad, that leaves us with Numatic’s Henry, which are made in England. Luckily Henry’s are simply the best vacuum cleaners in the world. Great suction power and as tough as old boots.  I’ve had mine for years.

Numatic International Ltd make domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment and are best known for their popular and iconic “Henry” domestic vacuum cleaner, and related models, which are of a canister design and are given human names and ‘smiling face’ appearances. They say on their website “Numatic is the U.K’s largest commercial cleaning equipment manufacturer, continuing to invest and expand their U.K manufacturing facility. Professional cleaning products packed full of innovation and made right here in the U.K!” Their factory is in Chard, Somerset. The company was founded in 1969.

Numatic International's Henry

Hetty and Henry British made Hoovers (vacuum cleaners) on display in Tesco Stanwell, 24 May 2017. Note the words “Made in Great Britain” on the boxes. Photograph by author.