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Sub Zero outdoor gear – made in England (well most of it) / Fleece Jackets / Ussen, etc.

Performance Thermal Underwear, Thermal Baselayers, Thermal Midlayers, Fleece and Waterproof Jackets.

Sub Zero Technology Ltd. manufacture thermal underwear, thermal baselayers, thermal midlayers, merino wool base layers, childrens thermal underwear, softshells, balaclavas, hats, windproof hats, gloves, socks, walking socks, ski socks, tube ski socks, fleece and waterproof Jackets in England at their Leicester factory. Not everything they sell is made in England, but mostly they do label which items are UK made on their website so you can easily find their UK made stuff. Their own brand items are usually UK made. If it does not say made in the UK then it is probably made abroad. They say on their twitter “Pioneer in outdoor clothing, Design Council ‘Millennium Product’ & multiple award-winner. Proud to say our products are Made in England”. Available at the Sub Zero online store –

It is hard to find a UK made fleece jackets these days (companies like Berghaus and Karrimor now make all their products abroad; they used to manufacture in the UK). Sub Zero still make their fleece jackets in the UK. There is a review of a jacket here. Some other companies make fleeces in the UK are:

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British Pants and Knickers – British Made Underwear for men and women (and British made swimwear)

Shops like M&S no longer sell British made underwear and it is hard to find underwear that is made in the UK. However there is still some great British made underwear made. Here are a few possibilities (in no particular order) for British made underpants and swimwear:

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black. Made in England.

*Kiniki (JW Walker Limited) make very good quality underwear for men and swimwear for men and women at a good price and come highly recommended.  They are perhaps most famous for making tan though swimwear.  Designed, manufactured and dispatched from their factory in Staffordshire, England. Each and every pair of their mens underwear & mens & womens Tan Through swimwear is made in England. However, currently all their ladies (bamboo) underwear is made in Turkey. Kinki plans that in future their womens underwear will once again be made in their factory in England, so keep an eye out for that. The Bolin razors they sell are made in England. However the socks, bags and suncare cream they sell are foreign made –

Kiniki tan through women's and men's swimwear. Made in England.

Kiniki tan through women’s and men’s swimwear. Made in England.

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Cock and Bull Menswear (and the Sunday London UpMarket and Old Spitalfields Market)

Cock and Bull Menswear are a new brand manufacturing small runs entirely in the United Kingdom.  Full details of the sourcing of their products and raw materials are on their website. They have beautifully made men’s garments, including cotton men’s boxer shorts, tweed flat caps, t-shirts, shirts, tweed waistcoats and knitwear.  Cock and Bull menswear currently have a stand at the fabulous London Sunday UpMarket, at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane selling their menswear and are well worth a visit.

You can find great stalls and upcoming businesses, many selling items made in Britain at the London Sunday UpMarket, together with wonderful foods from all over the world and up-cycled clothing.

At the Sunday UpMarket as well as made in England Cock and Bull menswear you can find, for example, made in England Walsh casual and sports trainers, ReVampit up-cycled textile vintage gifts (made in Peru as well as Essex) cushions, knitted items, and furniture and by the same people English Eccentric cushions, Union Flag cushions, Christmas decorations, egg cosies and suchlike. Also, Jo Jo Accessories – made in England headbands, Union Jack flag bags, pencil cases, purses and cushions, etc. Reloved – bags and pouches made with recycled denim and leather and Highland 2000 quality made in the UK British wool from British sheep hats and scarves (these are mostly sold to Japan usually). Stores at the market change quite often.

You’ll also find great stalls at other markets and shops nearby (many selling British made items), for example at the Old Spitalfields Market.

At Old Spitalfields Market for example you can get one of Andrew Duncan Graham’s wonderful handmade in the UK lavender Scottish cats or dogs.

Nearby the Spitalfields Market you can find Albam, who sell some UK made menswear. Nearby the Sunday UpMarket you can find London Undercover, who sell a few UK made umbrellas. There are loads more interesting shops and stalls to see, with some selling British made goods.

Hamish keeping an eye on London - handmade in the UK by Andrew Duncan Graham.

Hamish keeping an eye on London – handmade in the UK by Andrew Duncan Graham.

Tweed Waistcoat made in the UK for Cock and Bull Menswear

Tweed Waistcoat made in the UK for Cock and Bull Menswear

David Nieper women’s fashions

David Nieper is a Derbyshire based manufacturer known for its women’s nightwear targeted at the over-40s, but they actually make a very wide range of clothes, everything from blouses to knitwear to lingerie to scarves and much of what they sell is made at their factory in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England.  I know very little about their clothes but David Nieper have been around for 50 years so they must be doing something right!

Daily Telegraph article about this women’s fashion company here.  Below is a video of David Nieper’s Derbyshire workrooms.