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British Made Pens and Pencils – British Made Ink – British Made Crayons and Chalk – British Made Pencil Cases – British Made Rulers

Makers and suppliers of British Made Pens and Pencils, British Made Ink, British Made Crayons and Chalk, British Made Pencil Cases, and British Made Rulers:-

Derwent Pencils have been making pencils in Cumbria since 1832. Not everything they sell is made in the UK. Individual Derwent Pencils that say “England” on them are UK made. Multi-packs of pencils will say made in the UK on the packaging if they are made in the UK or look for the Union Flag on the packaging. Some of their Academy Sketching eraser tipped pencils and their Lakeland Jumbo pencils are made in Thailand or PRC. None of their sketch pads and accessories are made in the UK. Basically on their pencils if it does not say England or if it does not say made in the UK on the pack, then it is not UK made; best to go by what it says on the tin. The tins themselves by the way are not made in the UK. The Cumberland Pencil Company (Derwent Pencils) is a division of ACCO Brands (Rexel) and so is American owned. Lovely pencils for you to sketch, colour, illustrate and create!  See the video below for some history of pencils and pencil making at Derwent Pencils today.

Video – How pencils are made today – Derwent Pencil Factory, Cumbria, UK.

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