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Made in UK promotion by John Lewis

Made in UK – John Lewis.

John Lewis Department Stores “Made in the UK” promotion.  The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) have a range of products on sale that are made in the UK, but a lot of the stuff they sell is made abroad so shop with care to choose British made products.

See the link above for more on things they sell that are made in the UK and make a point of asking for UK made products in-store and on-line

For example, their fitted kitchens are made in Birmingham (using foreign sourced raw materials often). Some of their beds and mattresses are made in the UK. Herbert Parkinson, a Lancashire textile mill owned by John Lewis for 60 years, supplies made to measure curtains and blinds to John Lewis customers within seven days, as well as furnishing fabric, and JLP natural-filled duvets and pillows. Also JLP custom made bedroom and office furniture is UK made.  Also, some of their Arthur Price cutlery is made in the UK. JLP custom made lampshades are UK made. JLP sell True Grace candles which are made in the UK and they stock UK made Heyland & Whittle soaps. You’ll find other UK made products in JLP too, but these days most products in John Lewis are foreign made.  Do check before buying that you are buying British made.

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