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Clothing made in the UK – British clothes manufacturers and British Made Clothes – UK made clothes and accessories. Who made your clothes?

British made menswear, British made womenswear, British made children’s clothes.  Clothing made in the UK.

Is ANYTHING you’re wearing made in Britain?

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I sense a revival of British clothes manufacturing. Much has gone, but there is still a fantastic choice of British made clothes out there, whether you want to spend a lot or not very much money.

Here you can find links and information, in no particular order, about British made clothes, for men, women and children. This article is ongoing and I will add to it when I discover more British clothes manufacturers and suppliers. Only companies that actually make or supply clothes made in the UK will be featured here, not simply companies that used to make clothes in the UK or are just selling clothes in the UK. The products I list here are genuinely made in the UK, not simply labelled to imply British heritage or manufacture.

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British made hats and British made scarves – Hats Made in the UK – Scarves made in the UK

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

I have heard it said that a hat worn well is part of a British gentleman’s heritage. For ladies it is said a hat for every occasion is required. These days it probably won’t be a bowler you choose, but perhaps it’s time to rediscover the hat?

Get ahead, get a British made hat!

British made watch caps, beanies, wooly hats, trapper hats, Jinnah caps, pork pie hats, flat caps, dress hats, trilby hats, fedoras, homburgs, bowlers, top hats, panama hats, tweed hats, military headwear, baseball caps, etc.

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Tanner and Oak – Made in the UK

Tanner & Oak About Us.

Tanner and Oak also sell a rather nice folio case, as well as wallets, handbags, a satchel and other leather accessories, all designed and manufactured in the UK.  At least some of the leather they use is British leather.

Tanner and Oak Avonstoke Card Holder.  Made in the UK.

Tanner and Oak Avonstoke Card Holder. Made in the UK.

Holdall and Co – Portfolio Cases – Made in England

Holdall & Co — Home.

British made 12″ or 14″ portfolio cases (document cases) in chestnut or tan colours.  “It’s an accessory that forces you to edit your life down to the bare bones” according to the Guardian on 2nd April 2013.  I have a folio case from years ago (not of anything like the same quality as these though!) and it really is a very useful bag.  Although I have not seen them yet, these classic style leather under-arm folio bags from Holdall and Co. look functional and robust and I wish this fairly new company well.  Made using Italian leather.

Holdall and Co Document Case.  Made in England

Holdall and Co Document Case. Made in England

Lavenham Jackets – British made quilted jackets and horse blankets

Lavenham Jackets – Horse Blankets, quilted jackets, waistcoats and accessessories made in England.

Quote from their Tumblr blog 9 March 2012 –

“Lavenham Jackets is the home of British quilting, all jackets, waistcoats and accessories are made in-house in our factory in Suffolk, England.”



TweedVixen Boutique

TweedVixen Boutique has an ever growing section called “Made in Britain” for those who wish to buy British.

I’ve pinned a few made in the UK things sold at TweedVixen Boutique in my Pinterest pages.

Faux-fur-muff-jet. Made in England by Moore and Moore

British Made Gloves – Gloves Made in the UK

Where to buy British made gloves – leather gloves, woollen gloves, dress gloves, fingerless gloves, disposable gloves, mens gloves, womens gloves, childrens gloves, mittens, Kevlar lined gloves, wool gloves, white gloves, skiing gloves, motorcycle gloves, horse riding gloves, golf gloves, hunt gloves, driving gloves.

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