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British Made Watches and Clocks and British Made Watch Straps

For watches, now that companies like Timex only manufacture abroad, you might try:  Bremont (assembled in the UK; packaging made in the UK; Swiss movements; around £3,000-£20,000; Bremont employs around 30 watchmakers at a workshop in the Oxfordshire town of Henley-on-Thames, and makes many of its own parts at a factory in Silverstone, Northamptonshire). Meridian (casing made in UK; then assembled in the UK; Swiss movements; around £5,000). Harold Pinchbeck (assembled in the UK; they say they try to use some British made components; Swiss movements; around £300 to £5,000+). More reasonably priced (from about £50-£300) are RLT Watches who buy, sell and repair all makes of vintage watches, but also assemble watches in the UK under their RLT Watches brand using Swiss or Japanese movements. IWI watches use Swiss movements, casing made in the UK and are assembled in the UK (around £1,000-£3,500). Peter Roberts Watches (Swiss movement; assembled in the UK; around £20,000). J & T Windmills (Swiss movement; assembled in the UK; around £1,000). Schofield watches (Swiss movements; case made in Germany; assembled in the UK; around £3,000+). Dent London (Swiss movement; assembled in the UK; around £25,000; E.Dent & Co Ltd, makers of Big Ben, ceased to trade in 1966; this company just appears to have appropriated their name). Pinion watches have Swiss movements and are foreign made, but assembled in England. Again more reasonably priced are Paulin Watches (quartz watches, foreign made, assembled in the UK and sent in UK made packaging). W. T. Author watches are assembled in UK with Swiss made movements and they sell leather watch straps (24mm lug width only) made in Britain using Argentinian-sourced buffallo hide. Mr Jones Watches finish and assemble their limited edition watches in London (and only their limited edition watches, the rest of their collection being entirely foreign made). Garrick, which opened in Norfolk in 2015, uses movements made in Switzerland and modified or assembled in house and they say “We do almost everything else ourselves, from making the plates and dials to the cases and crowns.” Garrick watches retail for between £2,500 and £50,000, and around 70 were sold last year.

RLT Watch Co. Quartz Military Style RLT6 watch. Assembled in the UK.

RLT Watch Co. Quartz Military Style RLT6 watch. Assembled in the UK.

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Magnetic Copper Bracelets Made in the UK

If you want a made in the UK magnetic copper bracelet, a quick search on the net for made in the UK or made in England magnetic bracelets will find you some. Copper is no longer mined in commercial quantities in the UK (it used to be mined in places like Cornwall) so the copper any of these companies use will be imported. The idea behind bracelets like these is that they are believed to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis and possibly the magnetic copper bracelets even help with IBS, menstrual cramps, headaches and carpel tunnel syndrome by increased blood flow speeding up the body’s natural healing processes. Some copper bracelets are fitted magnets adding the benefits of magnetic therapy to the age old copper remedy. Whether these really help, I don’t know.

These are some of the suppliers I found:

Cornish Copper Bracelets magnetic and non-magnetic copper bracelets and rings are crafted for them “by skilled Copper Smiths in workshops in Cornwall.” The company, based in Tewkesbury, are also known as Crystals and Holistics. They also have an eBay shop –

Laurence Butler Ltd. – – all made in Cornwall, England.

Astral Magnetic – – at least some made in England.

Lilac and Cream – – at least some made in England products – under the jewellery category I found some Laurence Butler magnetic bracelets and other Cornish jewellery.

As well as some on Amazon and eBay. There may well be other UK manufacturers of magnetic bracelets.

Laurence Butler M80 magnetic plain mens band bracelet. Made in England (Cornwall).

Laurence Butler M80 magnetic plain mens band bracelet. Made in England (Cornwall).

TweedVixen Boutique

TweedVixen Boutique has an ever growing section called “Made in Britain” for those who wish to buy British.

I’ve pinned a few made in the UK things sold at TweedVixen Boutique in my Pinterest pages.

Faux-fur-muff-jet. Made in England by Moore and Moore