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British made tennis balls

J Price (of Bath) Ltd was set up by Joseph Price in 1936 and is the only surviving tennis ball factory in Britain and the Western World, based in Box on the outskirts of Bath. Each week it produces 10,000 tennis balls alongside many other sports balls such as squash balls, racket balls, paddle balls, Irish handballs and more. They also make personalised tennis balls, over printed tennis balls, specialist learner balls for children, traditional white tennis balls, balls for mini tennis, yellow or white scented tennis balls smelling of freshly cut grass, or roses or lavender, tennis balls with different coloured seams, glow in the dark tennis balls, tennis balls for pets, throw down markers for sports coaching, bowls mats, mini-tennis ball key-rings made with reject materials, and promotional balls for high-end brands. The firm also produces custom rubber mouldings such as anti-vibration mounts, boat trailer rubber parts and rubber grips and all types of rubber components. Over the years the business has had its fair share of challenges such as in WW2 when trading almost ceased as tennis balls were such a luxury product. Work carried on producing rubber components for the Ministry of Defence, developing anti vibration units for ships engines, compressors, and generators, which are still made today. The 1980s saw manufacturing in the Fast East grow significantly, highly undercutting British manufacturers. Before that Prices made balls of all kinds for most known brands such as Dunlop. Wilson, Head, Prince, Donnay, Spalding, Rossignol and 40 others across the world, until they moved to cheap Far East suppliers. This made a dent in the factory’s profits, but the firm is still going today, currently employing around 12 people. There’s a short video about the company from 2011 on the BBC and a detailed 2015 article about the company in the Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire. Balls are available from their website, on Amazon and on notonthehighstreet –

J Price made in England tennis balls

J Price made in England tennis balls.

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