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Tea Making Tips (1941)

Tea Making Tips is a comprehensive guide to the perfect cuppa, including the six golden tips for making the perfect brew, released in 1941. Courtesy of the British Film Institute (BFI) on YouTube. The film is 10 minutes long, so I suggest you put the kettle on, sit down and have and nice cup of char (aka chai) whilst you watch it. Made in pot with loose tea leaves of course! Enjoy…

You may also enjoy this BBC video on how to make a the perfect cup of tea:



Buy British Made Easter Eggs

Over 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are sold each year in the UK. This year check the packaging and make sure to choose an Easter Egg that is actually made in the UK (from British made chocolate and using British made packaging). From Thorntons to Fortnum and Mason to The Meaningful Chocolate Company to your local supermarket or corner shop it should be easy enough to find a British made Easter Egg. Buy British this Easter.

For the definitive list of chocolate and confectionery that is actually made in the UK please click http://wp.me/p2KOue-AS

Much of the chocolate and confectionery sold that used to be made in Britain is now actually foreign made, so shop with care and choose British made.

Fortnum and Mason Hand Decorated White Chocolate Egg 227g made in England

Fortnum and Mason Hand Decorated White Chocolate Egg 227g. Made in England

Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels 155g

Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels 155g. Made in the UK.

https://ukmade.wordpress.com is 1 year old today!

ukmade – celebrating British manufacturing – helping you source British made goods.

#BuyBritish  #UKMade – UK Made – Made in Great Britain – Recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles – Made in the UK – British Made.


Why not make a conscious preference to buy British during the next year?

Manufacturing in the UK allows companies to control supply, guarantee quality, offer flexibility and to be ethical and environmentally sound.

You or your company or organisation can support British companies and British jobs and be environmentally friendly (by reducing your carbon footprint through reducing the miles goods are transported) by buying British.

ukmade is 1 year old today!

I hope you find ukmade useful and enjoyable 🙂

Happy Birthday ukmade!