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British Chocolate? Or is it? Is your British chocolate really made in Britain? British made chocolates and sweets (including The List of which confectionery is still British made)

Is your British chocolate really made in Britain?

Are your British sweets really British?

Is your British confectionery actually made in Britain?

Possibly not. Cadbury now make chocolate for the British market in Poland as well as manufacturing in the UK. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is also made in Poland. Terry’s no longer make anything in York and all manufacturing is in Poland, Sweden, Belgium or Slovakia.  Both companies (Terry’s of York and Cadbury) are now owned by Kraft, an American company. Nestle, a Swiss company, now own Rowntree Mackintosh of York and make their Smarties and some other products abroad now. Both Cadbury and Rowntree still have factories in the UK but I wonder for how much longer? Some supermarket own brand chocolate bars are now made abroad too, for example some Tesco chocolate is now made abroad.

Some of the ingredients like cacao have to come from abroad of course (and companies should have an ethical sourcing policy) , but manufacturing should take place in Britain. If products are made in the UK  their environmental impact is less because there is no trans-continental transport involved and British chocolate can only be truly British if it is made in Britain.

Britain is famous for having its supermarkets filled with shelf after shelf of chocolate but how much of this chocolate is still British? More and more chocolate makers are moving their production abroad, so please check that the chocolate you are buying is actually made in the UK.

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Climbing Equipment Made in the UK

DMM Climbing Equipment. Innovative climbing gear, made in Wales.

DMM have been manufacturing quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981. They make recreational climbing equipment, mountaineering equipment and industrial climbing equipment. You’ve got to love their tag line – “CLIMB NOW WORK LATER”. All DMM hardware (metalware) – carabiners and so on – are made in the UK. Some other products they sell such as ropes are foreign made. The ropes they sell are made in Europe, some DMM slings are made in Wales (others in Europe), DMM chalkballs are made in Wales (but other chalk products are made in Europe), DMM clothing is made in Turkey, DMM chalk and rope bags are made in China, DMM helmets, harnesses, boulder mats, rockshoes and some webbing used between carabiners on quickdraws are made in Europe.

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Coronation Gifts | Coronation China | Commemorative China

Coronation Gifts | Coronation China | Commemorative China.

On 2 June 1953, the nation rejoiced as its new young monarch, HRH Princess Elizabeth, was crowned Queen.  Fortnum’s have a a range of made in in England china to celebrate the Sixtieth anniversary of the Coronation later this year.


Save Jacksons of Reading

Further update – it appears nothing could be done to save the store (or nothing was done perhaps). Today (21st December 2013) there was very little stock left in the shop, but there were lots of customers buying what little was left in the sale. Most of the stock will be sold at an auction in the store to be held on January 4th 2014. The store will close on Christmas Eve. It will be a sad loss for its loyal customers and for the town of Reading. It will be even harder now to find those hard to find things and to find somewhere that sells quality goods at realistic prices. Truly it is all very upsetting.

One positive thing is that Jacksons have sold their schoolwear business to Stevensons (who now have another shop in the Market Place), because Stevensons have a policy of “sourcing from UK manufacturers wherever possible” –

Jacksons of Reading 21st December 2013 - the fabulous store will close its doors for the last time this Christmas Eve.

Jacksons of Reading 21st December 2013 – the fabulous store will close its doors for the last time this Christmas Eve. Photograph by author.

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Mountain King – British Made Trekking Poles

Welcome to Mountain King.

Walking poles made in Great Britain – – all their walking poles are made in their factory in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

British made walking poles.  British made hiking poles.  British made trekking poles.  UK made trekking Poles.  UK made walking poles.  UK made hiking poles.

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole. Made in Great Britain.

Tweedvixen's Blog

A wax jacket is the perfect way to stay stylish and dry.  This jacket is perfect to add a touch of individuality to this very British style.  Black wax with a black corduroy collar and warm cotton lining.  It is designed and made in England. available at

TweedVixen Wax JacketTweedVixen Wax JacketTweedVixen Wax JacketTweedVixen Wax JacketTweedVixen Wax Jacket

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Sleeping Bags, sleeping mats and tents made in the UK + British made mess tins

British made Sleeping Bags, sleeping mats, tents and other camping and outdoor gear (listed as usual in no particular order). – Great sleeping bags from Buffalo Systems – made in Sheffield, England. Buffalo make fabulous outdoor kit for men and women. Everything is made at their factory in Sheffield, England. Outdoor clothing and sleeping bags. Buffalo products mostly have a Pertex outer and pile linings. Everything they make is simply fantastic.

http://www.snugpak.comSnugpak do a range of great sleeping bags – take care to choose the manufactured in the United Kingdom ones though. They also do great UK made cloths (just some jackets, trousers and hats are made in the UK), so likewise with their clothing take care to choose made in the UK. Items that are UK made are clearly labelled as so on their website. You can even filter to just UK made products. Only some clothes, some sleeping bags, some bivvi bags, some sleeping bag accessories, some hammock blankets, and a stuff sack are UK made; everything else they sell is imported.

They have a specific military website at

Rab sleeping bags are hand filled in their Alfreton warehouse (none of their clothing or other gear is made in the UK). I am not sure that really counts as being made in England though! Still though at least they are filled in the UK, so that’s good.

PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs) sleeping bags are made in the UK. PHP make down sleeping bags, down jackets, down suits and mountaineering clothing. All PHP products are made in England –

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Ski and Snowboard Clothing and Equipment Made in the UK

It’s not easy to find British made ski and board equipment and clothing, but here are a few thoughts:

For a new ski or snowboarding jacket or salopettes this winter how about something made in the UK?

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RainbowTrugs | Plastic Containers and Tubs | Trugs | Buckets | Bins | Garden Planters | Feed Tubs

RainbowTrugs | Plastic Containers and Tubs | Trugs | Buckets | Bins | Garden Planters | Feed Tubs.

Flexible colourful plastic containers – made in Britain.  Available in 6 sizes and a wide variety of colours. Rainbow Trugs themselves and the Rainbow Trugs lid are made in Britain. Rainbow Trugs are food safe and UV stable. Inside there is a gallons and litres indicator. Some of the other stuff on their website is made abroad though.  Look for the Union Flag next to the item’s picture I assume to see what is British made. British made items include Rainbow Trugs, pot stands, Rainbow Trug Riddle, Rainbow Trug lid, Easi Skip Feeders, 3 gallon buckets, Rhino feed buckets, Rainbow feeders and tidy trays.

So useful…

Rainbow Trug with lid.  Both trug and lid are made in Britain

Rainbow Trug with lid. Both trug and lid are made in Britain

45 Litre RainbowTrug in dark green.  Made in England

45 Litre RainbowTrug in dark green. Made in England

Yellow Rainbow Trug. Made in Britain

Cat Bed Sleep

Cat Bed / Basket – 25L – Rainbow Trugs 25L Dish Trug. Made in Britain