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Televisions (TVs) that are made in the UK

Cello Electronics • UK’s Leading LED TV Manufacturer.

It is still possible to buy a British made television, for example from Cello, who make TVs in England. Available via their website and in shops. Prices are very reasonable.

Not so long ago, all of Britain’s television sets were manufactured in Britain. In the past companies like Radio Rentals / Thorn (who ceased UK television manufacture in 1978) and Ekco manufactured televisions in the UK, and more recently Philips, Toshiba (who ceased UK television manufacture in 2009) and Sony manufactured TVs in the UK, but this is no longer the case. Most TVs these days are manufactured abroad.

It is suggested on the net that the parts or some of the parts for Cello TVs are Chinese made but even if that is correct it would be better to buy a TV by Cello even if it is only assembled here rather than buying a totally foreign made TV.

This article on the National Media Museum blog talks about UK television manufacture and specifically television manufacturing by Radio Rentals in Bradford.

Below are 2 quotes from the Cello website.

“Cello Electronics, is one of Europe’s most innovative LCD TV brands with every product proudly manufactured in the UK. This unique aspect gives you an assurance of quality that is rare in the TV industry. Also, Cello breaks the mould by focusing all of its knowledge and experience on one product category – TVs. This means absolute dedication of resources to ensure we are able to create great products that combine innovation, style, features and amazing value.”

“Cello Electronics is a UK based company with offices across the globe. However, all TVs destined for the UK market are manufactured in our plant in the North East of England. This is a distinct advantage for our customers who receive the benefit of the most advanced technology sourced from around the world combined with the quality assurance that comes from local manufacturing.”

Seiki is a Chinese owned electronics company who in the summer of 2014 set up a factory in South Wales as their new European base. Admittedly it is an assembly operation a bit like Cello, but it is great to see we now have two television factories in the UK which is amazing when you think that only three years ago we had none! Their TVs are reasonably priced and at least now we have 2 manufacturers to choose from. Available, for example, in Currys –

Videotree Waterproof, Mirror and Outdoor Televisions are designed and manufactured in the UK. The company was founded 2001 and I only came to know of them because they are one of my twitter followers. I don’t know very much about this company, but they have a great looking website. They cater for healthcare, hospitality and marine industries in the main –

Japanese company Sony make broadcast and professional video cameras in South Wales. They also manufacture for others and the Raspberry Pi computer is also made in their factory for example. As far as I know they do not make any domestic home electrical items like TVs in the UK anymore.

Sony might still have a disc (optical storage media) manufacturing operation (making CDs and DVDs; Sony DADC UK Ltd) in Southwater in West Sussex too. If the factory is still in Southwater it was formerly part of Rank’s Deluxe CD and DVD operation with the site being sold to Sony in 2006. The other Rank Organisation Deluxe CD and DVD factory in Blackburn became the Entertainment Distribution Company (EDC) factory after it was sold by Rank and the factory was closed and production moved abroad in 2010. Neighbouring Blackburn Microtech Solutions, formerly LG Philips and Mullards, makers of cathodes for televisions, other television components, audio amplification valves, 3D X-ray scanning technology for airport scanners and energy efficient light bulbs, closed down in 2009.

The Rank Organisation was a British entertainment conglomerate owning film production, distribution and exhibition facilities, so as well as making films it owned film studios, film laboratories, cinemas, film advertising and suchlike. It also manufactured of radios, TVs, photocopiers (as one of the owners of Rank Xerox), CDs (see above), records, and more. It owned big name brands like Bush, Wharfedale and many of the motorway service stations in the UK. In recent years gross mismanagement, asset stripping and streamlining of the business has left it a shadow of its former self and its remaining businesses are just gambling and bingo.

Also see radios.


British Made Musical Instruments, Music Players, Speakers, Headphones, Radios, Televisions, Stereo, Audio and Hi-Fi Equipment

British Made Musical Instruments, Music Players, Speakers, Headphones, Radios, Televisions, TVs, Stereos, Audio Equipment, etc.

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I know very little about traditional organs, but nonetheless I was fascinated to see the Verger operating the bellows of a church organ in an episode of Dad’s Army I watched the other night.  These old church organs are things of great beauty and there are it appears a number of organ makers and restorers still going in the UK.  These are the ones I found on the net.

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