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Aiguille Alpine – outdoor gear

Aiguille Alpine provides the best outdoor equipment in the Lake District.

For rucksacks, chalk bags, rope bags, holdalls, travel bags, beanie hats and much more try Aiguille Alpine. Based near Kendal, their own brand stuff in made in their own workshop. They specialise in climbing, outdoor, canoeing and kayaking equipment and much of what they sell is UK made. Their website states “All of Aiguille Alpines products are hand made in the United Kingdom” but not everything they sell is UK made, so please do check before buying. Their shop in Staveley, Cumbria is open Monday-Saturday.

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Climbing Equipment Made in the UK

DMM Climbing Equipment. Innovative climbing gear, made in Wales.

DMM have been manufacturing quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981. They make recreational climbing equipment, mountaineering equipment and industrial climbing equipment. You’ve got to love their tag line – “CLIMB NOW WORK LATER”. All DMM hardware (metalware) – carabiners and so on – are made in the UK. Some other products they sell such as ropes are foreign made. The ropes they sell are made in Europe, some DMM slings are made in Wales (others in Europe), DMM chalkballs are made in Wales (but other chalk products are made in Europe), DMM clothing is made in Turkey, DMM chalk and rope bags are made in China, DMM helmets, harnesses, boulder mats, rockshoes and some webbing used between carabiners on quickdraws are made in Europe.

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