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Save Jacksons of Reading

Further update – it appears nothing could be done to save the store (or nothing was done perhaps). Today (21st December 2013) there was very little stock left in the shop, but there were lots of customers buying what little was left in the sale. Most of the stock will be sold at an auction in the store to be held on January 4th 2014. The store will close on Christmas Eve. It will be a sad loss for its loyal customers and for the town of Reading. It will be even harder now to find those hard to find things and to find somewhere that sells quality goods at realistic prices. Truly it is all very upsetting.

One positive thing is that Jacksons have sold their schoolwear business to Stevensons (who now have another shop in the Market Place), because Stevensons have a policy of “sourcing from UK manufacturers wherever possible” – http://stevensons.co.uk

Jacksons of Reading 21st December 2013 - the fabulous store will close its doors for the last time this Christmas Eve.

Jacksons of Reading 21st December 2013 – the fabulous store will close its doors for the last time this Christmas Eve. Photograph by author.

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British Pants and Knickers – British Made Underwear for men and women (and British made swimwear)

Shops like M&S no longer sell British made underwear and it is hard to find underwear that is made in the UK. However there is still some great British made underwear made. Here are a few possibilities (in no particular order) for British made underpants and swimwear:

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black. Made in England.

*Kiniki (JW Walker Limited) make very good quality underwear for men and swimwear for men and women at a good price and come highly recommended.  They are perhaps most famous for making tan though swimwear.  Designed, manufactured and dispatched from their factory in Staffordshire, England. Each and every pair of their mens underwear & mens & womens Tan Through swimwear is made in England. However, currently all their ladies (bamboo) underwear is made in Turkey. Kinki plans that in future their womens underwear will once again be made in their factory in England, so keep an eye out for that. The Bolin razors they sell are made in England. However the socks, bags and suncare cream they sell are foreign made – http://www.kiniki.com

Kiniki tan through women's and men's swimwear. Made in England.

Kiniki tan through women’s and men’s swimwear. Made in England.

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Jacksons of Reading – in praise of a good old fashioned department store

Jacksons of Reading

Jacksons of Reading is a rabbit warren of a department store in Reading, Berkshire, England where you can get all those things you can’t find anywhere else and in a fabulous environment with lots of wood panelling, wood and drawers and counters.  For example gifts, accessories, sewing stuff, knitting stuff (I found acrylic made in England from companies like Robins but sadly no British wool), linens and haberdashery, textiles, a good shoe department (specialising in wider fittings) and a large crafts section.  They have a massive school and scout uniforms department, dancewear, bowls clothes, lingerie, nightwear, ladies fashions and a superb menswear department.  Yesterday (8.12.12) the store was quite busy and I came across UK made HJ Hall socks at very reasonable prices and lovely James Aubrey men’s duffle coats.  You’ll find brands like Peter England, Tootal, Somax and Double Two here too, but these days such brands manufacture abroad. Plus they have a great suits department and they sell things like British made braces.  Look for the giant Jacksons Corner neon lights!  Open Mon-Sat 09:00 – 17:30. The store unashamedly markets itself at the over 40s and prides itself on serving customers. This is most definitely not a self-service store.   It is a beautiful building inside and out, with a fabulous pneumatic tubes system to handle cash.  Founded in 1875 and still family run, this store is a must visit place when shopping in Reading.


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British Made Gloves – Gloves Made in the UK

Where to buy British made gloves – leather gloves, woollen gloves, dress gloves, fingerless gloves, disposable gloves, mens gloves, womens gloves, childrens gloves, mittens, Kevlar lined gloves, wool gloves, white gloves, skiing gloves, motorcycle gloves, horse riding gloves, golf gloves, hunt gloves, driving gloves.

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Department Stores in the UK

Some of the UK’s remaining department stores.


Boswells Oxford c. 2010

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Closed Department Stores, Closed Independent Clothes Stores, etc – Big Name Losses on the British High Street

Allders Croydon 4 May 2012

I was sad to see that Allders department store in Croydon closed down yesterday (23.9.12) after 150 years.

I’ve thought of a few more big name losses in recent or not so recent years –

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