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Mess tin and mess tin set, quality mess tins, British made mess tin as supplied to the MOD.

Mess tin and mess tin set, quality mess tins, British made mess tin as supplied to the MOD.

“These Mess Tins are manufactured by TOC (Tools of Coventry) Ltd. TOC Ltd supply products to the Ministry of Defence; they are reputedly the best and are often still recommended by expeditionary groups and outdoor people.

Ideal for campers, scout group’s, cadets, Duke of Edinburgh Awards or anyone who simply enjoys outdoor cooking!”

There’s a great video review of mess tins generally below.

Size:  Large 60mm x 135mm x 180mm, Small 56mm x 128mm x 165mm. Supplied as a pair of tins, one nests inside the other.

Weight:  0.375kgs

Weight Pair:  390 gms

Specification:  1mm Food Grade Alloy

Handle:  5mm. Strong handles properly manufactured to original Military design.

Material:  Aluminium.

Care instructions;  Wash in soapy water before use and after each use – dry thoroughly before storing.

Used for cooking, boiling or to simply eat out of when camping, walking, trekking, and on expeditions; just like the military.

“Still one of the best methods of cooking and eating”. . .these “Mess Tins are built for life not just for one trip …”.

Brand new – made in Coventry, England. Genuine British Army issue direct from MOD supplier TOC Ltd. TOC Ltd is based in Coventry, England and has been supplying these mess tins and other equipment to the Ministry of Defence for over 30 years. Great value for money made in England mess tins.

TOC Ltd also have a Cycle Frame Building & Finishing service under the name tocycle (clever use of their name here). Renovation, Re-spray and Frame Finishing Services. Bespoke Cycle frames built in the UK with the benefits of batch production prices and lead times –

Genuine Britisg Army Mess Tin set. Made in England.

Genuine Britisg Army Mess Tin set. Made in England.

Mess Tin Set. Made in England.

Mess Tin Set. Made in England.

Mess Tin set. Made in the UK.

Mess Tin set. Made in the UK.

British made Mess Tin Set.

British made Mess Tin Set. Photograph by author.

Sleeping Bags, sleeping mats and tents made in the UK + British made mess tins

British made Sleeping Bags, sleeping mats, tents and other camping and outdoor gear (listed as usual in no particular order). – Great sleeping bags from Buffalo Systems – made in Sheffield, England. Buffalo make fabulous outdoor kit for men and women. Everything is made at their factory in Sheffield, England. Outdoor clothing and sleeping bags. Buffalo products mostly have a Pertex outer and pile linings. Everything they make is simply fantastic.

http://www.snugpak.comSnugpak do a range of great sleeping bags – take care to choose the manufactured in the United Kingdom ones though. They also do great UK made cloths (just some jackets, trousers and hats are made in the UK), so likewise with their clothing take care to choose made in the UK. Items that are UK made are clearly labelled as so on their website. You can even filter to just UK made products. Only some clothes, some sleeping bags, some bivvi bags, some sleeping bag accessories, some hammock blankets, and a stuff sack are UK made; everything else they sell is imported.

They have a specific military website at

Rab sleeping bags are hand filled in their Alfreton warehouse (none of their clothing or other gear is made in the UK). I am not sure that really counts as being made in England though! Still though at least they are filled in the UK, so that’s good.

PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs) sleeping bags are made in the UK. PHP make down sleeping bags, down jackets, down suits and mountaineering clothing. All PHP products are made in England –

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Kettles and Stoves and Cooking Gear for the Great Outdoors Manufactured in the UK

“Totally manufactured in the UK. If it hasn’t got a whistle then it isn’t a Ghillie!”

Ghillie Kettle – I’ve not tried these but they look like fab bits of kit. Available from their website. Also available for example at Lissom and Muster.

The Ghillie Kettle seems to be based on the Sirram Volcano Kettle made by George Marris & Co. of Birmingham. Production of the Sirram storm kettles ended around 1970. Sirram also made a number of other products like the very well designed and made camping kettle pictured below. George Marris & Co. sadly seemed to have gone.

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