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Yardley London and Woods of Windsor

Established in 1770, Yardley of London is apparently the world’s oldest cosmetics company. They make a lovely range of soaps, perfumes, bath products, talcum powder and the like.

Yardley holds 2 Royal Warrants.

On the Yardley website it says:-

“True to our heritage, we feel that it is important that as many of our products as possible are sourced in the UK and as of 2012 a large proportion (90%) continue to be manufactured in the UK with the majority of remaining products being made in the EU.”

Also, established in 1770 (as a chemist), Woods of Windsor now sells soaps, fragrances, bath products, hand cream and the like. I think there products are (at least mostly) made in England. They have a shop near Windsor Castle, in Windsor, England. They also sell Yardley products in their shop.

As far as I can work out (and it is by no means clear!) Yardley London and Woods of Windsor are owned by the Indian company Wipro. Yardley London is run as a disctinct entity, based at the Woods of Windsor shop in Windsor. However, another Indian company Lornamead owns Yardley in the Americas, Germany and Austria (they have a separate website – There is no indication on their website of where Yardley Americas, Germany and Austria make their products.