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Lack of choice in shops stops British consumers buying British

If retailers only stock foreign made items, then mostly consumers will only buy foreign made items.  Most will I guess not be willing to go to the trouble of shopping elsewhere, such as on the internet, to buy British.  Let me give you some examples:

  • I popped into Tesco in Yiewsley to buy a bar of soap – not one single bar of soap for sale in Tesco was made in the UK.
  • I looked at road atlases of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a service station in Witney – they were all printed and bound abroad – I could not buy a British made Britain road atlas if I wanted at this garage.
  • Waitrose no longer label where their own brand products are grown or made, so we have no idea where the stuff we are buying in Waitrose comes from! John Lewis as a whole do say they are trying to source more British made goods but still most things in their stores are foreign made and many own brand items are not labelled with country of origin.
  • Visit any High Street clothes shop and I challenge you to find anything that is British made.
  • The British government and its Civil Service always try to source cheapest rather then trying to source from British makers whilst still providing value for money.

Britain makes great things – why don’t retailers sell them?