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BBC News – Inside the UK’s last carbon paper factory – York Haven Carbon Paper

BBC News – Inside the UK’s last carbon paper factory.

York Haven Ltd. make carbon paper in the West Midlands of England and are probably the last remaining manufacturer of one-time carbon paper in the UK. They make one-time carbon paper which is widely used for computer stationery. They also make pencil carbon which is used when multiple uses of the carbon are required such as in duplicate and triplicate books and backing/masking papers used in the heat transfer printing process in the textile industry. Please see the above video and article from the BBC.

Once the mainstay of offices carbon paper enabled people to make duplicates of documents and it was also used when making credit card payments, with the details being copied onto the paper that the vendor kept. We still talk about making a ‘carbon copy’ (cc) and despite it being less used than previously, it still has its uses and it is great to see a British firm still manufacturing carbon paper.