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Curver – some of Curver’s products (including the Union Jack plastic box in the picture below) are made in the UK, but many of their products are made abroad. You’ll need to check whether the products from this company you are interested in are made in the UK or not, as no country of origin information is given on their website. Curver have a range of products made in the UK, in Redruth in Cornwall, but most are foreign made. It will be best to check the packaging itself as the company’s staff are not very knowledgeable about where their products are made. For example, they told me that they manufacture all the 5, 20 and 40 litre Deco bins in the UK, whereas currently the 50 litre Deco and the Duo Deco recycling bins are manufactured in Europe. I ordered a 5L Deco bin and when it arrived it was made in Luxembourg so I had to return it –

Union Jack plastic box by Curver. Made in the UK.

Union Jack plastic box by Curver. Made in the UK.

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