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British Gunmakers and guns and clay pigeon trap makers + British Made Gun Cabinets

Established in 1883 William Evans are a gunmaker (gunsmiths) in St james’s, London or a gun assembler / finisher in any case and also sell some British made clothing for men and woman. If it is made in the UK this is specified on the website; otherwise it is not. Particularly some of their own brand is made in the UK. A little Union Flag also appears to also signify made in the UK, but as always, do check before buying. They do not say who makes their clothing for them. Also some accessories, homeware and gifts at William Evans are made in the UK. They also stock MUSTO, but I suspect this is made abroad.

Launched in 2010, Longthorne Gunmakers is another manufacturer of 100% English made shotguns. They say on their website “we manufacture every part of our guns in house” –

As far as I know Webley Revolvers and Enfield Revolvers, which were made in Birmingham and London respectively and were military service weapons in the UK for many years, are no longer being made. Some British military weapons and other equipment and uniform are still made in the UK but all their sidearms are now foreign made. In 2013 the Austrian made Glock 17 9mm pistol replaced the US made Browning 9mm pistol which has been in service since 1967 for most UK forces.

Webley & Scott is still an arms manufacturer, founded in Birmingham, England. Webley produced handguns and long guns from 1834 to 1979, when the company ceased to manufacture firearms and instead focused on producing air pistols and air rifles. In 2010 Webley & Scott restarted the production of shotguns for commercial sale. It was particularly famous as one of the makers of British military service revolvers, from 1887 until 1963. After 1921, however, Webley service revolvers were manufactured by the government-owned Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield. The Webley company was re-branded as Webley and Scott in 2010. At some point production was moved abroad, with their website now saying their products are designed in the UK for all the products I looked at.

The Martini–Henry was a rifle that was used by the British Army. It first entered service in 1871, and was made by Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield, London (which following privatisation closed down in 1988). Previously the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) in Enfield had made Snider-Enfield riffles. According to Wikipedia “The Martini–Henry was copied on a large scale by North-West Frontier Province gunsmiths” and such weapons were called “Pass-made rifles”. What is referred to as a Martini action was used by Martini-Henry and other manufacturers such as WW Greening and BSA. A Martini action has an external lever to allow for breach loading.

The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) was a major British industrial combine, a group of businesses manufacturing military and sporting firearms; bicycles; motorcycles; cars; buses and bodies; steel; iron castings; hand, power, and machine tools; coal cleaning and handling plants; sintered metals; and hard chrome process. Following financial difficulties in the 1970s the company has closed down and parts sold off to others. BSA manufactured in the UK, amongst other things, bicycles (sold off to Raleigh), bicycle parts (including Sturmey Archer gear hubs under licence), motorbikes, ammunition, small arms, sporting firearms, cars (including owning Daimler at one point), trucks, car bodies, Lewis Automatic Machine Guns, aero engines, aircraft, armoured vehicles, canons, Lee–Enfield service rifles (which were also made by other manufacturers), Sten sub-machine guns, and more.

Winchester rifles, a US company, were shipped to the UK from the USA during the second world war. Winchester rifles may also have been made in Britain at one point but I am unsure about this.

W.W. Greener is a sporting shotgun and rifle manufacturer in England. The company produced its first firearm in 1829 and was sold to Webley in 1965 and the factory closed down. In 1985 the company name was brought by its current owners and production re-started in the Midlands. According to their website “today the company still makes the finest sporting shotguns and rifles in its Midlands workshops” –

The fictional James Bond used an Italian made Beretta handgun and later a German made Walther PPK (and later variants of this) mostly in the books. In the films it’s mostly a Beretta occasionally and more often a Walther PPK (and later variants of this). In recent films he has also used a Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol which is presumably German made and a Glock 17 pistol which is presumably Austrian made.

Accuracy International of Portsmouth, best know for their sniper rifles, might manufacture in the UK. The only only manufacturing site specifically mentioned on their website is in the USA though.

German company Heckler and Koch, formerly owned by BAE Systems and the manufacturer of SA80 rifles, own the Nottingham Small Arms Factory where they make SA80 rifles for the British Army.

Acorn Traps make their automatic clay pigeon traps in Britain –

Air Arms manufacture all of their air guns in the UK I am told. No mention of this is made on their website, but some of the pictures on the site clearly show the words “Made in England” on some products, so it seems at least some of their air guns are possibly UK made and is worth checking –

For shooting sticks please click here.

SMP Security Solutions are British safe manufacturers. They make cash safes, security cabinets, steel security doors, jewellery safes, underfloor safes, drugs cabinets, gun cabinets, etc. Their website has the Made in Britain marque and they describe their safes as a “quality British made product from a trusted security safes manufacturer” –

21st Century Antiques make exclusive wooden home office furniture such as desks, swivel chairs, filing cabinets and bookcases. According to their website “All our Furniture in handcrafted in the United Kingdom by our skilled craftsmen and hand finished to the highest standards creating truly timeless pieces of period furniture.” They also make gun cabinets of steel but disguised as pieces of fine furniture. Of these they say “Our Unique Cabinets are produced in a choice of 5 different wood finishes and are handcrafted in the UK by our skilled craftsmen and hand finished to the highest standards” –

Brattonsound Gunsafes, established in 1982, are British made. Their website carries the words ‘Made in Britain’ and a little round Union Flag logo and they say “our products are proudly manufactured and distributed from our state of the art factory in Surrey”. These metal gun safes are available from gun shops across the UK and Brattonsound does not sell direct to the public –

The Bespoke Furniture Company / The Bespoke Gun Cabinet Company specialise in exclusive bespoke gun cabinets, radiator cabinets and furniture. They say on their website “From our purpose-built workshop in Warwickshire we create beautiful pieces of furniture with meticulous attention to detail that would rival any other company in our field”. They make wooden furniture for kitchens, home offices, games rooms, bedrooms, etc plus radiator cabinets and gun cabinets designed to look like a piece of furniture but wit a metal gunsafe inside – –

Simon Reynolds Cabinetmaker offers bespoke handmade furniture that appears to all be made in his workshop in Norfolk. Items made include wooden gun cabinets (designed to have a metal unsafe inside), gun maintenance tables, field gun chests, dining tables, trophy and display cabinets, sideboards, chests of drawers, blanket boxes,  coffee tables, dressers, occasional furniture, fitted cupboards, dining chairs and footstools. No idea of the prices –