I’ve run out of space!


WordPress limit the amount of space on this website and unfortunately mine is all used up! I hope to tidy the site up at some point and / or make another but in the meantime there will be no new articles. I will hopefully be able to continue updating the present ones. Stay safe.

7 thoughts on “I’ve run out of space!

  1. Edward Granter

    OK Good luck. If the clothing firm ‘Josery’ were on here, you can remove them because unfortunately they have closed down.

  2. Tina

    Thank you for posting everything you have. I’ve only just found your site when trying to find out if I could get another set of my old Made in England Harris shoe brushes. Turns out the answer is no, but glad to have come across this treasure trove of information. Perhaps if more people bought British it would create some more jobs and help the economy some. I’m fed up of cheap tat and am willing to pay for quality, but I must be in the minority because so many brands are moving out of the UK.


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