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British Drainers | DISH DRAINERS | Washing up Racks – British Drainers and Delfinware

British Drainers | DISH DRAINERS | Washing up Racks. sell British made Dish Drainers, sink baskets and sink mats, plate racks, bathroom tidies, shoe tidies, clothes airers, fruit and vegetable storage stands, milk bottle carriers, wine racks, spice racks and saucepan stands in various designs of mixes of stainless steel, chrome and black or white plastic coating.

Country of origin is clearly labeled on their website. Most items are manufactured in the UK, but not all so do check before buying. Their folding clothes airers are foreign made for example. British Drainers is a trading name of Legend Cookshops of Kent.

British Drainers was kindly recommended to me by Alex, one of the readers of my site. I have not tried products supplied by this company, but I am sure I will in the future.  It’s great to see a supplier of British made sink drainers, shoe tidies, milk bottle carriers, wine racks and so on.

Delfinware is manufactured in Kent, England. Physical and online stockists are listed on their website. They do not supply directly to members of the public. They make wire ware for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and living room – dish drainers, storage racks, wine racks, cutlery racks, utensil racks, radiator hangers, bath trays, oven racks, table stands, milk bottle carriers, plastic trays, shoe racks, stacking shelves, milk order indictors, ironing boards, etc. Various finishes, such as white, black, chrome, grey, etc. Prices shown on their website are trade prices –