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Mess tin and mess tin set, quality mess tins, British made mess tin as supplied to the MOD.

Mess tin and mess tin set, quality mess tins, British made mess tin as supplied to the MOD.

“These Mess Tins are manufactured by TOC (Tools of Coventry) Ltd. TOC Ltd supply products to the Ministry of Defence; they are reputedly the best and are often still recommended by expeditionary groups and outdoor people.

Ideal for campers, scout group’s, cadets, Duke of Edinburgh Awards or anyone who simply enjoys outdoor cooking!”

There’s a great video review of mess tins generally below.

Size:  Large 60mm x 135mm x 180mm, Small 56mm x 128mm x 165mm. Supplied as a pair of tins, one nests inside the other.

Weight:  0.375kgs

Weight Pair:  390 gms

Specification:  1mm Food Grade Alloy

Handle:  5mm. Strong handles properly manufactured to original Military design.

Material:  Aluminium.

Care instructions;  Wash in soapy water before use and after each use – dry thoroughly before storing.

Used for cooking, boiling or to simply eat out of when camping, walking, trekking, and on expeditions; just like the military.

“Still one of the best methods of cooking and eating”. . .these “Mess Tins are built for life not just for one trip …”.

Brand new – made in Coventry, England. Genuine British Army issue direct from MOD supplier TOC Ltd. TOC Ltd is based in Coventry, England and has been supplying these mess tins and other equipment to the Ministry of Defence for over 30 years. Great value for money made in England mess tins.

TOC Ltd also have a Cycle Frame Building & Finishing service under the name tocycle (clever use of their name here). Renovation, Re-spray and Frame Finishing Services. Bespoke Cycle frames built in the UK with the benefits of batch production prices and lead times –

Genuine Britisg Army Mess Tin set. Made in England.

Genuine Britisg Army Mess Tin set. Made in England.

Mess Tin Set. Made in England.

Mess Tin Set. Made in England.

Mess Tin set. Made in the UK.

Mess Tin set. Made in the UK.

British made Mess Tin Set.

British made Mess Tin Set. Photograph by author.


Clothing made in the UK – British clothes manufacturers and British Made Clothes – UK made clothes and accessories. Who made your clothes?

British made menswear, British made womenswear, British made children’s clothes.  Clothing made in the UK.

Is ANYTHING you’re wearing made in Britain?

#BuyBritishMadeClothes  #UKMadeClothes  #ClothesMadeInTheUK #BritishMadeClothes

This article on British made clothes is very comprehensive – please give it a few seconds to load.

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I sense a revival of British clothes manufacturing. Much has gone, but there is still a fantastic choice of British made clothes out there, whether you want to spend a lot or not very much money.

Here you can find links and information, in no particular order, about British made clothes, for men, women and children. This article is ongoing and I will add to it when I discover more British clothes manufacturers and suppliers. Only companies that actually make or supply clothes made in the UK will be featured here, not simply companies that used to make clothes in the UK or are just selling clothes in the UK. The products I list here are genuinely made in the UK, not simply labelled to imply British heritage or manufacture.

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LIFESAVER Systems made in Great Britain

LIFESAVER Systems are a British Company. On their website they say that they “…Invent, Design & Manufacture all of” their “products in Great Britain”. They serve 3 main markets: Humanitarian, Leisure & Military, making hand-pump action filtering water bottles, gerry cans, cubes, and such that remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and waterborne pathogens from dirty water to produce sterile drinking water in seconds. I came across this company on the net and have not seen their products but they look very useful and for example have been used following the earthquakes in Napal in May 2015. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of how they work.

British made hats and British made scarves – Hats Made in the UK – Scarves made in the UK

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

I have heard it said that a hat worn well is part of a British gentleman’s heritage. For ladies it is said a hat for every occasion is required. These days it probably won’t be a bowler you choose, but perhaps it’s time to rediscover the hat?

Get ahead, get a British made hat!

British made watch caps, beanies, wooly hats, trapper hats, Jinnah caps, pork pie hats, flat caps, dress hats, trilby hats, fedoras, homburgs, bowlers, top hats, panama hats, tweed hats, military headwear, baseball caps, etc.

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Campbell Cooper Jackets – Made in Great Britain

Green British Wax Cotton Padded Jacket.

Campbell Cooper Green British Wax Cotton Padded Jacket. Made in England.

Campbell Cooper (Ingrams) make in the UK fabulous wax jackets, motorcycle jackets, quilted jackets, Harrington jackets, tweed jackets, tweed waistcoats, tweed breeches, and re-proofing wax dressing in a can.  Campbell Cooper have been making classic wax jackets in England for over 35 years.  Please note that it is only their jackets that are British made – Campbell Cooper hats are all foreign made.

For men, women and children.  Great prices and free UK delivery. Available via their website and via their eBay shop.

Campbell Cooper is also marketed under the name Greenbelt Countrywear.

Farfield Clothing – Made in England

Farfield Clothing

Helping to preserve employment in rural areas, Farfield Clothing (Tough Customer) is manufactured at Sedbergh in Cumbria.

Ladies, mens and childrens outdoor clothing designed to provide warmth and protection.

Farfield provide a great quality British made product at a good price and give excellent customer service.  They specialise in British made fleeces and children’s jackets, smocks and rompers.

Farfied jackets are manufactured in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, yet only a stone’s throw from the Lake District. Fabrics are made in a Yorkshire textile mill. Off the shelf or bespoke or altered to the customer’s size specifications. They can send swatches, offer special extras like additional pockets and a choice of linings. Order via the internet / telephone or visit the Farfield Factory Shop just off the Main Street in Sedbergh (with customer parking) to see their full range of ladies’, mens’ and children’s jackets, duffle coats, hats, gilets and headbands. Offered in a variety of colours and patterns, including plain and camouflage.

The Farfeld mens classic fibre pile jacket is a hard wearing jacket for workwear or sporting activity with elbow and shoulder patches and zipped inside pockets.  Made in England.

The Farfeld mens classic fibre pile jacket is a hard wearing jacket for workwear or sporting activity with elbow and shoulder patches and zipped inside pockets. Made in England.

The Farfiled Mens Fleece Jackets are fully lined with zipped outer (and optional zipped inner) pockets.  Made in England.

The Farfiled Mens Fleece Jackets are fully lined with zipped outer (and optional zipped inner) pockets. Made in England.

Umbrellas made in Great Britain – Umbrellas Made in England – British Made Umbrellas, Walking Sticks and Shooting Sticks and Awnings

British Made Umbrellas, Walking Sticks and Shooting Sticks.  Umbrellas made in the UK.

An umbrella (or brolly) is used to keep off the rain or the sun. A parasol more often than not is a term used for an umbrella designed to shade people from the sun and unlike a rain umbrella may not be waterproof. Umbrellas are widely used in the UK, Japan and elsewhere. You can get full sized umbrellas, folding umbrellas, travel umbrellas and the larger golf umbrellas, plus work umbrellas and garden umbrellas.

It is generally recognised that London has been the home of the best umbrellas and walking sticks and to some extent that tradition is carried on today, although the majority of umbrellas sold in the UK are made in China nowadays.

It is sadly the case that to the best of my knowledge there are no umbrellas made entirely in the UK any longer.  There are companies like those below claiming to sell “Made in the UK” umbrellas, but actually all the umbrella frames (the key component of any umbrella) are manufactured in China.  One might take the view simply attaching a canopy or handle (neither of which are of UK origin in some cases) in the UK does not make it genuinely “Made in the UK”.

You might consider getting a vintage British umbrella from somewhere like eBay, a charity shop, an antiques shop or a car boot sale but these are often in need of rather lot of work before they might be presentable. There is a buoyant and sometimes expensive market in secondhand English umbrellas on eBay.

The following are the UK manufacturers and retailers of British made umbrellas that I know of:

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