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Axminster Carpets Rescued « Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets Rescued « Axminster Carpets.

Following the bankruptcy of Axminster Carpets and subsequent redundancies in February 2013, I understand the firm has now been saved from closure by a management buyout. According to this BBC article Axminster Carpets (2013) intend that “carpets would continue to be designed, developed and produced in east Devon”. The Axminster Carpets website confirms this and their intention to “work closely with other British manufacturers”. The 2 outlet shops in Axminster and Buckfast remain open. Good luck to the new company Axminster Carpets (2013).

Axminster Carpets going into administration also led sale of the Devonia Tannery in Buckfastleigh to Eastern Counties Leather (please see this BBC article). I am not sure what Eastern Counties Leather intend to do with the Devonia Tannery. They have their own tannery in Cambridgeshire, where I get the impression they still manufacture coats, gloves and footwear but in recent years have specialised in sheepskin rugs and chamois leathers. They also import and it is not clear from their website which of items they sell are manufactured in the UK.