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Southsea Deckchairs

Southsea Deackchairs make deckchairs, parasols, sauna chairs, folding tables, windbreaks, folding stools, replacement deckchair fabric and so on.  They also sell deckchair fabric by the metre, hire deckchairs and make branded deckchairs.  They have been making deckchairs for the last 20 years in Portsmouth, England.  Their range of resin furniture is imported.  When I asked them about their UK manufacture in November 2012 they replied as follows:  “Assembly work, finishing, sewing, fittings, QC, is all done in the UK.  Some of the work is outsourced”.  I’m pleased they are honest about their sourcing.  Southsea deckchairs are used on the majority of beaches and promenades up and down the UK.  They also export. As some work is outsourced and country of origin is not given on their website against individual products, please check where you deckchair or whatever you are interested in from them is made before buying. There’s an interesting interview with Stephen Davis on the story of Southsea Deckchairs here.