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My top notebooks or the best notebooks in the world – my quest to find the perfect notebook

In my quest to find the perfect notebook, I have decided the ones below are the world’s best notebooks. It’s down to personal choice of course and your particular requirements at the time. I’ve tried to think about cost, quality (and in particular paper quality), looks, size (whether you need something lightweight and fairly small and slim or something larger with more space) and what I want from a notebook at the moment. Although was meant to be a kind of ‘top 10’ notebooks, there are more than 10 and the order does not really matter as these are all great British made notebooks.

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Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right?


The manufacture of some British medals is to be off-shored to France according to reports this morning. This will be the first time that any top British honour has been manufactured abroad and the news has apparently provoked anger. It is understood that the CBE medal, the Distinguished Service Order, The Order of the Bath, the […]

From “A Truly British Family” – 2/3/16 – click the link and have your say.  95% of respondents so far think this is wrong!

Source: Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right? – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming