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Lack of choice in shops stops British consumers buying British

If retailers only stock foreign made items, then mostly consumers will only buy foreign made items.  Most will I guess not be willing to go to the trouble of shopping elsewhere, such as on the internet, to buy British.  Let me give you some examples:

  • I popped into Tesco in Yiewsley to buy a bar of soap – not one single bar of soap for sale in Tesco was made in the UK.
  • I looked at road atlases of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a service station in Witney – they were all printed and bound abroad – I could not buy a British made Britain road atlas if I wanted at this garage.
  • Waitrose no longer label where their own brand products are grown or made, so we have no idea where the stuff we are buying in Waitrose comes from! John Lewis as a whole do say they are trying to source more British made goods but still most things in their stores are foreign made and many own brand items are not labelled with country of origin.
  • Visit any High Street clothes shop and I challenge you to find anything that is British made.
  • The British government and its Civil Service always try to source cheapest rather then trying to source from British makers whilst still providing value for money.

Britain makes great things – why don’t retailers sell them?

UK firm to contest move to make new passports in France – BBC News

The existing UK supplier plans to appeal against the decision to use a Franco-Dutch firm after Brexit.

Source: UK firm to contest move to make new passports in France – BBC News

We do not have to leave the EU to have blue passports anyway and now we learn that the passports will be printed by a foreign company. It’s all about free trade, but in France, as a foreign-based firm, current British passport producer the British firm De La Rue would be barred from bidding to produce the French passport for national security reasons. The winning bid firm Gemalto apparently has a factory in Fareham, so will these new passports be made there? De La Rue makes the current red passports at the firm’s Gateshead factory but appears to have lost out on the contract for the new blue passports which the PM has described as “an expression of our independence and sovereignty – symbolising our citizenship of a proud, great nation”. Rather ironic then if the new blue passports will be made in France!

Should the UK Government be buying British? – Make it British

MP demands to know why Parliament aren’t serving on plates made in Stoke-on-Trent When Stoke-on-Trent North MP Ruth Smeeth noticed plates in the Houses of Parliament that didn’t have the renowned Stoke-on-Trent

Source: Should the UK Government be buying British? – Make it British

The British Government and its Civil Service should buy British made and their procurement policy should favour buying British made. For example Parliament, the Foreign Office and the Home Office should have British made cutlery and tableware and buy British made stationery and British made cars. Where British made goods are not available then they should buy goods produced in the Commonwealth or EU. The NHS should set the example by buying British. The British armed forces should buy British made. British law enforcement organisations should buy British. When buying flags and uniforms and equipment for our defence forces and police more emphasis should be put on buying British first. An increase in public sector purchasing from British manufacturers and preference for British manufacturers when placing major and small contracts and, at a lower level, all purchasing, would make a big difference to UK makers, retaining skills, industry and jobs to build a stronger country and community. It’s a complex argument and British companies gain from being able to compete across the EU but for our Government buying British should come naturally.

Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel.

In the Victorian era, Britain was responsible for 40% of the global supply of steel. It may soon produce nearly none at all. Should Tata sell off its sites in Scunthorpe or Port Talbot, following the closure of their Redcar plant last year, Britain would become the only member of the G7 no longer making steel. British steelmaking […]

Source: Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel. – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming

Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right?


The manufacture of some British medals is to be off-shored to France according to reports this morning. This will be the first time that any top British honour has been manufactured abroad and the news has apparently provoked anger. It is understood that the CBE medal, the Distinguished Service Order, The Order of the Bath, the […]

From “A Truly British Family” – 2/3/16 – click the link and have your say.  95% of respondents so far think this is wrong!

Source: Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right? – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming


The Importance of Buying British Kiln Dried Logs

The Importance of Buying British Kiln Dried Logs

You are perhaps not even aware, when buying firewood, that a huge amount now comes from Eastern Europe and the amount being imported is rising at a significant rate.

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Is James Bond the saviour of British manufacturing?

Ever since James Bond was sent on his first big screen mission in 1962’s Dr No, the most successful franchise in movie history has been a shop window for British manufacturing. Is Spectre, the latest incarnation of Ian Flemings infamous MI5 agent, going to continue to promote brand Britannia? Bond famously has a weakness for British cars. Along side his famous Aston Martin  […]

Source: Is James Bond the saviour of British manufacturing? – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming



Another great article from A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming. Sharing to widen the audience and promote GB. Thanks British Family. Looking forward to seeing the new Bond film hopefully next week.