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Health and Beauty Products Made in the UK. British Made Health and Beauty Products for Men, Women and Children

With such a large range of reasonably priced health and beauty products made in Great Britain, there really is no excuse for not buying British when it comes to looking after your skin.

Please also click the link in this sentence to see my favourite British made bars of soap.

Also, please see British Made First Aid and Survival Kits – Survival Gear – Medical Kits – Medical Supplies – Ropes and String – Military Equipment

And for shaving related products, please see Shaving products.

For British made face masks see here.

For British made hairbrushes and combs please click the hyperlink in this sentence.  For magnetic copper bracelets click here.

Enliven Health and Beauty products are made in England. http://www.enliven.co.uk Enliven is available online at www.brandrefill.co.uk and from shops and and wholesalers within the UK and Worldwide.

Enliven Original Antibacterial Handwash. Made in England

Enliven Original Antibacterial Handwash. Made in England.

Enliven made in England liquid hand soap in use in a French restaurant (outide the UK).

Enliven made in England liquid hand soap in use in a French restaurant in Islamabad, Pakistan. Photograph by author. Photograph by author 21 August 2015.

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Some of my favourite British made bars of soap

Five reasons some people prefer bars of soap to liquid soap:

  1. It’s what they’ve always known
  2. Solid soap is more luxurious
  3. The feeling of scouring away the dirt in the shower
  4. Less packaging is better for the planet
  5. The bottles are fiddly.

Read the full article on the BBC.

These are some of my favourite made in the UK soap bars, in no particular order:

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Yardley London and Woods of Windsor

Established in 1770, Yardley of London is apparently the world’s oldest cosmetics company. They make a lovely range of soaps, perfumes, bath products, talcum powder and the like.

Yardley holds 2 Royal Warrants.

On the Yardley website it says:-

“True to our heritage, we feel that it is important that as many of our products as possible are sourced in the UK and as of 2012 a large proportion (90%) continue to be manufactured in the UK with the majority of remaining products being made in the EU.”

Also, established in 1770 (as a chemist), Woods of Windsor now sells soaps, fragrances, bath products, hand cream and the like. I think there products are (at least mostly) made in England. They have a shop near Windsor Castle, in Windsor, England. They also sell Yardley products in their shop.



As far as I can work out (and it is by no means clear!) Yardley London and Woods of Windsor are owned by the Indian company Wipro. Yardley London is run as a disctinct entity, based at the Woods of Windsor shop in Windsor. However, another Indian company Lornamead owns Yardley in the Americas, Germany and Austria (they have a separate website – http://www.yardleylondon.com). There is no indication on their website of where Yardley Americas, Germany and Austria make their products.