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New Balance Trainers – Made in England Range

US company New Balance make SOME of their sports shoes in the UK.  According to their website “New Balance has proudly supported domestic manufacturing in the UK for over 22 years.  Look for the Made in UK label on some of our most popular running and classic styles.”  Good for them. In their FAQs on their website in answer to the question “Do you make shoes in the UK?” they say “Yes, New Balance has been committed to locally producing high-quality shoes in the UK since 1982. We are proud to support domestic manufacturing in the UK where we provide local employment for more than 200 associates. The manufacturing facility located in Flimby, a small town in the Lake District, makes over one million pairs of shoes per year.”

If you want UK made trainers, sports shoes, pumps, sneakers or whatever you want to call them the choices is between New Balance who do a limited Made in UK range, Gola (Gola ceased UK production in 1981, but re-introduced a very limited made in England range in 2012; which are possibly made for them by Walsh) and Walsh whose sports shoes are all made in the UK. Companies like UK Gear and Reebok (J.W Foster and Sons became ‘Reebok’ in 1958) are keen to stress their so called Britishness, but in fact non of their trainers are made in the UK. Hi-Tec trainers used to have a factory in Northamptonshire, but that is now long gone and nowadays Hi-Tec trainers are all foreign made.


NEW BALANCE 577.  Style# M577GBL-NC.  Seaside Pack.  Made in England.

NEW BALANCE 577. Style# M577GBL-NC. Seaside Pack. Made in England.