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Clothing made in the UK – British clothes manufacturers and British Made Clothes – UK made clothes and accessories. Who made your clothes?

British made menswear, British made womenswear, British made children’s clothes.  Clothing made in the UK.

Is ANYTHING you’re wearing made in Britain?

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I sense a revival of British clothes manufacturing. Much has gone, but there is still a fantastic choice of British made clothes out there, whether you want to spend a lot or not very much money.

Here you can find links and information, in no particular order, about British made clothes, for men, women and children. This article is ongoing and I will add to it when I discover more British clothes manufacturers and suppliers. Only companies that actually make or supply clothes made in the UK will be featured here, not simply companies that used to make clothes in the UK or are just selling clothes in the UK. The products I list here are genuinely made in the UK, not simply labelled to imply British heritage or manufacture.

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Desk and Study Accessories

The Original Book Works Limited

Marlborough World make a range of desk accessories in England + hip flasks, bags, and technology cases – http://www.marlboroughworld.com


Faux book products made by hand in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.  Faux books, false books, fake and dummy books, paperweights, book safes, door stops, book ends, etc.

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Desk Accessories: Office Desktop Accessories & Gifts.

Desk accessories all made in the UK – magnifying glasses, business card holders, bookends, desk name plates, desk model replicas, gavels and stands, letter openers, paperweights, photo frames, rocker blotters, etc.


Brushed Brass Letter Opener by www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Brushed Brass Letter Opener by http://www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Large Gavel with Wooden Stand by www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Large Gavel with Wooden Stand by http://www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Executive Rocker Blotter by www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Executive Rocker Blotter by http://www.deskaccessories.co.uk

Made in Britain Technology Cases – iPad, iPhone, Nokia, Xperia, etc. – cases, covers and stands

Your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Xperia, Kindle (or other mobile devices) are made in China by an American (or possibly Japanese or South Korean) company but you can save the day a bit by getting an iPhone and iPad case / cover that is made in the UK. You need to protect your delicate device and you might as well do it with a nice British made cover. To prop up your iPad, iPhone, etc. I also found some British made stands. These are some of the ones that I found on the net (prices, where given, will be plus P&P if you buy online and prices may have changed since I wrote this article).

Aquapac (waterproof bags and cases) make all of their submersible cases (the cases with the hard grey clamp on) in London. The rest of their products are either made in China or Taiwan. http://store.aquapac.net

Aquapac Mini Whanganui waterproof case. Made in England.

Aquapac Mini Whanganui waterproof case. Made in England.

Aquapac iPhone 6+ sized ‘Classic’ Whanganui submersible phone waterproof mobile phone case. Made in the UK. Photograph by author 30 December 2017. Front of packaging view.

Aquapac iPhone 6+ sized ‘Classic’ Whanganui submersible phone waterproof mobile phone case. Made in the UK. Photograph by author 30 December 2017. Rear of packaging view.

Like the fabulous British made waterproof Aquapac above, the Phonehug has a lanyard but unlike the Aquapac it is not British made or waterproof but it does leave your phone uncovered so offers something different. Their website clearly states it’s a “UK Design”. A great idea I think but it’s a shame they did not manufacture in the UK. I first saw the Phonehug on this festival website. I have one of these and it is useful. Impressively the Phonehug fits over my iPhone 6S Plus in a bumper cover. On the leaflet the comes with the Phonehug it says the Phonehug is made in China. The rubber band across the bottom of the screen makes it difficult to swipe up and click some things, but at least it stops me dropping my phone by having it around my neck at home or secured around my belt loop when out and about!

John Bull Design Ltd, founded in 2014, EZL self adhesive phone stands are “Made in the UK”, as is their Plinth tablet stand – https://myplinth.co.uk

Urofoam (ukstressballs) in Cheshire, founded in 1988, make stressballs in England. Not just stress balls but stress balls in a wide variety of custom shapes. They sell these as a promotional items to companies for marketing campaigns. Urofoam say they are “the leading manufacturer and distributer of stressballs and foam balls in the western world…” Urofoam make foam footballs, indoor and outdoor foam sports balls, footbeds for shoes, car components, operating theatre equipment, medical furniture, playground equipment, baby changing mats, branded bar furniture, wheelchair cushions, mobile phone holders and specialised foam mouldings. At one point they also made shoes (as Softwalker Ltd from 2001 to closing the operation down in 2010). They say they “…produce everything in-house..”. They say that they are the only manufacturer of stress balls in Europe and they say “our stressballs are manufactured completely in the UK for maximum quality.”. Their factory is in Askam-in-Furness in Cumbria. They are also the maker of the gripsta mobile phone holder or stand, which they say is “completely UK manufactured”. They describe this as a fun and squidgy phone accessory that fits iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Nokia and all other leading smartphone models. The Gripsta is a stand for your iPhone, other mobile phone or iPod made of foam (the same foam you’d find in a stress ball.). I should imagine it is great for watching films, as a mobile phone shoulder rest, and as a soft grip mobile phone holder, for use at home or in the office. In bright colours, Gripsta could also be used as a car mobile phone holder I think. It measures approximately 100mm x 70mm x 55mm and I imagine it would fit over any bumper and screen protector you might be using. On their website they say “Gripsta is a new gadget made in our own factory here in the UK” – http://ukstressballs.co.uk – http://gripsta.co.uk

Gripsta Universal Smartphone Holder / Stand. Made in the UK.

Edge Beanbags (Muscava Limited trading as Edge Beanbags), beanbags, dog beds and Techbed mini beanbag technology stands, are made in the UK – you should check before buying as it is not clear from their website if some or possibly all  of their products are made in Britain. On their Facebook of their Techbeds it says “Produced in Wokingham, Berkshire” and their German made van pictured on twitter has the “Made in Britain” logo on the livery. On their website they say “From the Techbed Mini right up to the large Home Cinema beanbags, we source all of our materials here in the UK and put each and every piece together ourselves” – https://www.edgebeanbags.co.uk

Party People sell UK made mouse mats, rectangular or circular shaped, in a variety of fun designs. If you click on a particular mouse mat the words ‘made in the UK’ are clearly shown in red towards the top of the screen. They also have an eBay shop where they sell these mouse mats. The company’s other products all appear to be foreign made – http://www.partypeople.company/mouse-mats.html

Party People UK made mouse mat, letter M. Available in rectangular or circular shapes. Polyester topped and backed mouse mats, 3mm thick. Suitable for optical and track ball mouses. Rectangle mouse mats are 22cm by 18cm; Circle mouse mat have a diameter of 20cm. 100% waterproof and durable.

Fraser and Parsley sell some UK made iPhone cases. Their other items seem to be foreign made – http://fraserandparsley.com/collections/phone-cases

étoile Home say on their website “…we are very proud to support our home grown industry, with the vast majority of our products not only being designed in England, but also made in England.” Their range includes polycarbonate slim line iPhone cases, aprons, shopping bags, overnight bags, tote bags, hand bags, clutch bags, vanity bags, wash bags, cosmetic bags, tea towels, some of their fabric napkins, and some of their cushions are made in England. Their laundry bags, some of their fabric napkins, table clothes and table runners are foreign made. Their fabric by the meter, and presumably the fabric they use for their products, is printed in England but presumably foreign made (as they do not say it is made in England) – http://www.etoile-home.com

Samantha Warren London printed phone cases are made made in the UK. They also sell made in the UK clutch bags, wash bags, scarves, and cushions – http://www.samanthawarren.co.uk/collections/iphone-cases

The Tube seat fabric is known as moquette, a mix of wool with a small percentage of polyester, and well known for its hard wearing, durable, fire resistant and not-showing-the-dirt qualities, is still woven in Yorkshire. You can buy dog collars and coats using the fabric at the London Transport Museum, as well as furniture, cushions, technology cases, bags, handbags, key rings, wash bags, etc made using moquette. These are made in England by Matt Fothergill using moquette fabric. Whilst a lot of stuff in the London Transport Museum Shop is made in China, they do stock a very good range of UK made products too – http://www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk/moquette.html

Moquette technology cases in the London Transport Museum shop, 20th January 2016. Made in Shropshire, England.

Moquette technology cases in the London Transport Museum shop, 20th January 2016. Made in Shropshire, England. Photograph by author.

Glass Guard liquid applied screen protection claims on their twitter stream to “Make your screen almost diamond hard, water repellent, antibacterial, increased clarity NO BUBBLES” and it is “Made in the UK” – http://www.glass-guard.com

Standeazy credit card sized phone stand for smartphones are “designed, manufactured, printed and packaged in the UK” according to the company, who say they are made by local suppliers in the Midlands. This is not mentioned on their website – http://www.standeazy.co.uk

Crank phone cases are made in England – http://crankcases.co.uk

Crank telephone box phone case. Made in England.

Crank British telephone box i-phone case. Made in England.

PIPÉT sell Men’s and Women’s Scarves and Accessories (such as men’s pocket squares, pouches, and technology covers) “printed and handmade in England” according to their Facebook page. I first saw their iPad sleeves on the Unique and Unity web shop – http://pipetdesign.com

Black Flare “Doughnut” phone stands are made (3-D printed) in Great Britain – http://www.black-flare.com

Ideal Cases ‘design-your-own’ phone cases are made in the UK, as are Your Case Place ‘design-your-own’ phone cases according to their websites – http://idealcases.co.uk – http://www.yourcaseplace.com

Anu exclusive leather technology accessories are made in Britain using british leather – For Apple, Samsung, and Kindle; they also make a couple of wallets – http://www.anucase.co.uk

Sourced make a range of British made Truck Tarp macbook cases – http://www.sourcedlife.co.uk

BUKcase book bound technology cases are made in the UK – http://bukcase.co.uk

Chel&Ford leather iPad satchel. Made in the UK. £29.95 on ebay

BoBelle have some made in England leather iPhone and iPad cases and a card case.

Small Castle make some smartphone cases.  Made in England.

Raw Leather make some leather smartphone cases.  Made in England.

Patrona make phone wallets and in-car holder systems for smartphones using British steel and Italian leather and a shirt carry case. All products manufactured in the UK.

http://www.notonthehighstreet.com stock a range of British made iPhone cases (look for the words “made in britain” when choosing) from £22 (+ they have a range of wallets).

Foldio wool iPad and iPhone cases. Made in the UK. £7.95 – £14.95

Lavenham Jackets do a range of made in England iPad and laptop cases. From around £70.

GiliNix sell some UK made iPhone, iPad and iPad mini cases. Having looked at their site again, they do not say they are made in the UK and we can assume they are foreign made.

Bigxtop make a phone pouch. All Bigxtop bags are made in the UK.

Intelligent Armour camouflage iPad and iphone cases. Made in the UK.

Heritage Leathergoods Co. leather iPad case. £19.95 on ebay

British Museum wool iPad case. Made in Britain. £40

Shipton Heneage leather iPad case. Made in England. £235

iPartsUK fabric iPad cover. Made in England. £9.99

The Merchant Fox leather iPad case. Made in England. £250

Tusting leather iPad and iPhone cases. Made in England. £75 – £99

Heather and Links leather iPad case. Made in England. £149.95

Daines and Hathaway leather iPad case. Made in England. £235

John Lewis tweed iPad case. Made using genuine Harris Tweed from Scotland but it may not be made in the UK. £40

Reefer recycledsailcloth iPad cases and iPhone cases. Made in England. £17.50 – £49.75

Case Closed wool felt iPad and iPhone cases. Made in Oxford, England. The material though is German wool felt. The iPad case is available in sizes to fit with or without the Apple Smart Cover. £14 – £26

Wrappers wool felt iPad and iPhone cases. Made in Oxford, England. The material though is German wool felt. The iPad case is available in sizes to fit with or without the Apple Smart Cover. £17 – £26

Aukward fabric book style iPad cases. Made in Britain. £119

Alexenda Cayless tweed / leather iPad case. Made in London, England. £120

Breffo spider iPad and iPhone stands. British made. £14.95 – £24.95

Intelligent Touch iPad stands. Kind of flat screen arms. Made in the UK. £59.95 upward

Flatscreen Arms iPad arms. Made in the UK. £150 upward

Woodpad simple wooden iPad and iPhone stands. Made in Britain. £5.50 for a keyring iPhone stand. £20 for an iPad stand

Pendle Products metal iPad stand. Made in England. £25

Pemberton & Milner sell British made technology cases for iPads, iPhones and the like, as well as games, watch cases and bespoke other small leather products for corporate promotion.

Cushcase fabric and plastic iPad cases. Made in England (according to their Twitter – http://twitter.com/cushcase). Very nice quality and price. £13.99 – £16.99

CushCase iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Leather Case Pouch Sleeve for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S Plus 5.5 inch - Genuine Leather - Black - Made in England.

CushCase iPhone 6 / 6S Plus Leather Case Pouch Sleeve for Apple iPhone 6 / 6S Plus 5.5 inch – Genuine Leather – Black – Made in England.

Leather iPhone 6/6S Plus case by Cushcase. Made in England.

Leather iPhone 6/6S Plus case by Cushcase. Made in England. Protect your iPhone from scratches and scuffs. Photograph by author.

Marlborough World leather iPad, iPhone, kindle cases + hip flasks, bags, and desk accessories. Made in England – http://www.marlboroughworld.com

John Smedley Cherchbi iPad sleeve. British made. £110

The Ashdown Workshop make iPhone and iPad cases, from £40 and £85 respectively.

Tough-PAC heavy duty iPad cases. Made in Britain. About £150. Not sure where you would buy this from.

Alfie Douglas leather goods are made in England and they sell some technology cases – http://alfiedouglas.com

E.P.J. Seymour wallets and iPhone cases are all made in England – http://www.epjseymour.com

Hanson of London exclusive leather goods are made in England, including iPad and iPad mini cases – http://www.hansonoflondon.com

Tom Brown’s Satchels are made in Britain, as are their e-reader cases. They also sell trunks but it does not say on their website that these are made in Britain, so check before considering buying these, as they are very possibly foreign made – http://www.tombrownssatchelsoxford.com

Magicpotion Anti-Bacterial Screen & Lens Cleaning Spray for electronic device screens is made in the UK. I assume the other products that MediaDevil sell are foreign made – http://mediadevil.com/index.php/browse-by-product/others/magicpotion/magicpotion-screen-cleaning-kit-50ml-edition.html?___SID=U

Padprop are fab devices for holding you iPad (mine broke after less than a year though, but was promptly replaced for free by Padprop when I complained). I assume that they are made in China. I asked the company but they ignored my email. http://www.padprop.co.uk/