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British made hats and British made scarves – Hats Made in the UK – Scarves made in the UK

If you want to get ahead, get a hat

I have heard it said that a hat worn well is part of a British gentleman’s heritage. For ladies it is said a hat for every occasion is required. These days it probably won’t be a bowler you choose, but perhaps it’s time to rediscover the hat?

Get ahead, get a British made hat!

British made watch caps, beanies, wooly hats, trapper hats, Jinnah caps, pork pie hats, flat caps, dress hats, trilby hats, fedoras, homburgs, bowlers, top hats, panama hats, tweed hats, military headwear, baseball caps, etc.

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Liberty London Department Store


Liberty stock some nice things that are made in the UK.  For example recently in their store I have come across UK made Leathersmith diaries, Paul Smith UK made scarves, Zatchels made in England satchels, Barbour hats (made in Scotland), John Smedley made in England scarves, Dr Martins made in England satchels, Johnstons of Elgin made in Scotland scarves, Liberty mugs made in England by Emma Bridgewater, Grenson made in England mens shoes, Mason Pearce made in England brushes, Burleigh made in England china, Richard James Savile Row made in England mens socks, Pantherella made in England mens socks, Fenella Smith made in England dogs bowls, Donna Wilson made in the UK cushions, Tweedmill made in England recycled throws, and Creighton’s made in England chocolates. With careful shopping you can find some great UK made goods in Liberty.

However, lots of things they sell are foreign made and some things they sell are surprisingly foreign made – mens Liberty pattern (James May) shirts, ladies Liberty pattern dresses, Liberty pattern gifts, caps at £130 each that are poorly made in China, a Liberty book on sewing that is made in China and more.  So, by no means is everything they sell British!

Also, take care not to fall foul of Liberty’s old fashioned, draconian, un-customer friendly no refunds policy on most of the things they sell!

Liberty London 2012