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The disappearing art of making scissors by hand

BBC News – The disappearing art of making scissors by hand.

Have a look at the fascinating short video about scissor making in the link above if you get chance.

Here’s another video about them:

Ernest Wright & Son (Kutrite) have been hand-making scissors and shears in Sheffield, England since 1902. Their scissors and shears come with a life-time guarantee. They produce scissors for art and craft, gift, ceremonial and gold plated scissors, dressmaking, tailor and clothwork scissors, embroidery and fine craft scissors, garden and floral art scissors, kitchen scissors, nail and personal care scissors, office, general and left-handed scissors, and professional and trade scissors. Ernest Wright and Son went bankrupt towards the end of 2018 and since then a pair of Dutch entrepreneurs bought the company and have re-launched it in the hope of keeping it going, albeit with the prices considerably inflated.

UK scissor manufacturers include Samuel Staniforth, Taylor’s Eye Witness, A.Wright and Son, J.Adams, Ernest Wright and Son, William Whiteley, and Slater Knives.

For more on British made scissors, kitchen knives, cutlery and silverware please see http://wp.me/p2KOue-tB

Ernest Wright and Son 'Stork' embroidery, needlework and thread scissors. Made in England.

Ernest Wright and Son ‘Stork’ embroidery, needlework and thread scissors. Made in England.



British made kitchen knives, cutlery, scissors, pewter-ware and silverware

The United Kingdom and in particular Sheffield, England is world famous for its steel products and contrary to popular belief many fine quality steel products are still manufactured in Sheffield.  There is a wide choice of quality British made kitchen knives, cutlery, pocket knives and scissors available at reasonable prices.  British made kitchen knives, cutlery, scissors and silverware:-

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Razors and Other Shaving Related Products Made in the UK

Great British made shaving products.  You’ll find great British saving products listed below (as usual in no particular order).

Now that Gillette and Wilkinson Sword make their razors abroad a good alternative is (was) a King of Shaves razor. Their Azor razor (pictured below) is very lightweight (great for travel). It takes a bit of getting used to if you usually use say a Mach 3 and you need to press a bit harder but it gives a good shave and is almost impossible to cut yourself with. The razor and the blades tend to be ever so slightly cheaper than Gillette too. King of Shaves razors are designed, assembled and packed in the UK (I think the blades are Japanese), so this is a bit of a compromise. I don’t think there are any totally UK made razors anymore. That said King of Shaves tell me that their handles are designed & manufactured in UK too, in Chesham, Bucks and the last razor I bought from King of Shaves says made in the UK on the packaging. Good to know. These are very good razors. As of May 2017 the Azors 4 and 5 have now been discontinued, with the Hyperglide to follow soon. The KOS5 is the replacement for the Hyperglide with an Azor replacement due.

I was at a loss to see why King of Shaves would discontinue the Azors razor as this gave the best shave of any modern razor and it was British made.  Looking at their website today (6 August 2017) I can now see they have sadly moved production abroad.  The Retro 4, which I guess replaces the Azors, “Handle made in Mexico. Blades made in Greece” and the KOS 5-Blade, which replaced the hyperglide, “Blades made in USA and Germany. Assembled in China”. They are now a standard razor head rather than the rather unique King of Shaves Azor deign. The decision to move manufacturing abroad appears to be related to difficulties with their Japanese blade supplier. At least country of origin for these new razors is clearly stated. My main reason for choosing King of Shaves above any other modern razor was that they were British made.  Such as shame to see that they are now foreign made.  What a big disappointment. The company have told me that their “skincare & shave preps are UK developed, sourced & manufactured” still.


King of Shaves Azor razor. Made in the UK.

King of Shaves Azor razor. Made in the UK – now discontinued and King of Shave razors are now foreign made.

King of Shaves Alphaoil Shaving Oil. Made in the United Kingdom.

King of Shaves Alphaoil Shaving Oil. Made in the United Kingdom.

King of Shaves Shave Oil and King of Shaves Shave Gels - made in the UK.

King of Shaves Shave Oil and King of Shaves Shave Gels – made in the UK. Photographed by author in Tesco Flitwick 12/2/16.

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