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Clothing made in the UK – British clothes manufacturers and British Made Clothes – UK-made clothes and accessories. Who made your clothes?

British made menswear, British made womenswear, British made children’s clothes. Clothing made in the UK.

Is ANYTHING you’re wearing made in Britain?


This article on British made clothes is very comprehensive – please give it s few seconds to load.

I sense a revival of British clothes manufacturing. Much has gone, but there is still a fantastic choice of British made clothes out there, whether you want to spend a lot or not very much money.

Here you can find links and information, in no particular order, about British made clothes, for men, women and children. This article is ongoing and I will add to it when I discover more British clothes manufacturers and suppliers. Only companies that actually make or supply clothes made in the UK will be featured here, not simply companies that used to make clothes in the UK or are just selling clothes in the UK. The products I list here are genuinely made in the UK, not simply labelled to imply British heritage or manufacture.

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British Made Shoes and Boots: 90+ footwear brands still made in Britain – UK Made Shoes

British made footwear is still the best quality in the world. There are still plenty of British footwear makers. Here are well over 90 quality UK footwear brands still manufacturing in the UK (in no particular order):

There is an excellent article on UK made shoes on the Make it British website. The first 10 British shoe manufacturers covered below are those in that article.

  1. *Horace Batten – Riding boots.
  2. *Grenson – Not all Grenson shoes are made in the UK so do check before buying. I have three pairs of made in England Grenson shoes and they are comfortable and well made.
    Grenson Farringdon shoes. Made in England

    Grenson Farringdon shoes. Made in England.

    Grenson slip-on shoes. Made in England. Photograph by author.

    Grenson slip-on shoes. Made in England. Photograph by author.

  3. *Loake –  My Loake shoes are made in England and they are very well made.  However most Loake shoes and boots are not made in the UK anymore and some are just finished in the UK, so do check before buying.
  4. Barkers – It is suggested in the comments that Barker shoes are made abroad and finished in the UK or mainly made abroad, although their website implies they are fully made in the UK.
  5. *Joseph Cheaney & Sons – traditional English shoes for men and women.
  6. *Celtic Sheepskin – Celtic and Co – Have their own factory in Cornwall but not all their products are made in the UK, so do check before buying – The little flags on their site possibly denote country of origin but I am not sure that is the case – Manufacturers of the original UK UGG boots (now called Celt Boots).
  7. *New Balance – Look for the Made in UK label – not all NB trainers are made in the UK – US company New Balance have been making some of their sports shoes in the UK since 1982. According to their website “New Balance has proudly supported domestic manufacturing in the UK for over 22 years. Look for the Made in UK label on some of our most popular running and classic styles.”  The New Balance made in the UK range varies over time – http://www.newbalance.co.uk

    New Balance Seaside Pack trainers. Made in England.

    New Balance Seaside Pack trainers. Made in England.

  8. Daisy Roots – baby shoes.
  9. Carre Ducker – men’s bespoke shoes.
  10. Star Child Shoes – they make adult slippers as well as baby shoes and children’s shoes. They also own Triggerfish (see lower down this article).

Do you know of any other footwear being manufactured in the British isles?

These are the other shoe brands that manufacture in the British Isles that I know of (again in no particular order):

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