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Dorset Enterprises (Deckchairs UK)

Dorset Enterprises (Deckchairs UK)

I came across this company on the internet and I want feature it as it is for a good cause.  The quality looks good but I have not seen their products for myself.

“Dorset Enterprises are manufacturers of deckchairstables and luggage stands. They provide a wide range of services including jointing, joinery finishing and assembly work, all craftsman produced, creating products that are made to last.”

This is what it says in the about section of their website:

Dorset Enterprises and Escor Toys form Bournemouth Borough Council’s Workshop employing people with disabilities and we are supported by the Council.

Dorset Enterprises was founded in 1914 by a Bournemouth Councillor to provide work for injured servicemen returning from the First World War and Escor Toys was founded in 1938 and has been producing Traditional Wooden Toys continuously for the past 69 years.

The toys and garden furniture we produce are manufactured to a high standard by our workforce who take pride in the finished product. We only use beech wood from managed forests which also ensures the quality of all our products.

Everything we produce is made at our Factory in Bournemouth ensuring the safety and reliability of our toys and garden furniture.”

Update 28.4.13 – Both Escor Toys and Deckchairs UK are likely to close shortly (and indeed may have already closed) because Bournemouth Council are withdrawing their support.  How sad.


Further update, both Escor Toys and Deckchairs UK ceased trading on 31st March 2013.


Dorset Enterprises Deckchair. Made in England


Garden furniture and deck chairs that are made in Great Britain

Southsea Deckchairs make deckchairs, parasols, sauna chairs, folding tables, windbreaks, folding stools, replacement deckchair fabric and so on. They also sell deckchair fabric by the metre, hire deckchairs and make branded deckchairs. They have been making deckchairs for the last 20 years in Portsmouth, England. Their range of resin furniture is imported. When I asked them about their UK manufacture in November 2012 they replied as follows: “Assembly work, finishing, sewing, fittings, QC, is all done in the UK. Some of the work is outsourced”. I’m pleased they are honest about their sourcing. Southsea deckchairs are used on the majority of beaches and promenades up and down the UK. They also export. As some work is outsourced and country of origin is not given on their website against individual products, please check where you deckchair or whatever you are interested in from them is made before buying.


Denys & Fielding use the Made in Britain marque and say on their website “where we can, we’ll always try and manufacture everything we can in the UK.” Their deckchair slings are British made; the deckchairs they sell are foreign made; their cushions, napkins, table runners, aprons, outdoor candles, plant hangers, and trays are British made – https://www.denysandfielding.co.uk

Reefer make their recycled sailcloth and roll-end canvas deckchairs, windbreaks and other great stuff (such as sailcloth and canvas bags, duffle bags, washbags, mobile phone cases, bunting, pet products, keyrings, passport covers, luggage tags, and the like) in England.


Dart Designs produce sailcloth windbreaks that are made in Devon, England. They say on their website that “the windbreaks are made in the UK…” – http://www.dartdesigns.co.uk

For more windbreaks (plus flags, bunting, sunshades, awnings and blinds), click here.

ODD make their garden furniture, in England. All ODD’s Fabrics are available by the metre and are printed in England and woven in Scotland. They clothes and bags are made in England., as are their blankets, throws, cushions and pouffes. Their tribal rugs are foreign made – http://www.oddlimited.com

Marmax Products is a UK manufacturer of 100% UK recycled plastic, low maintenance outdoor furniture, planters, fencing and boardwalks.  Prices on their website do not include VAT or delivery.   They are not the only people who make re-cycled plastic furniture and the like in the UK, I just happened to come across this company first when searching the net.  This looks like a really good idea because the products are very durable.  It is marketed primarily at institutions,local government and businesses.


Cole Henley make great looking BBQ tables in Hampshire, England.  I have not seen these and they do not come cheap.


http://www.worm.co.uk/products/flag-motif-deckchair – Rule Britannia flag deckchair – made in England.  Looks nice.

http://www.simbajones.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=352 – Double Deckchair.  British made.  This company, Simba, have a selection of other products made in Wales and a selection of African products.  Looks nice.

http://www.henandhammock.co.uk/products/?0,0,29,0,26 have a range of British made deckchairs.

http://www.furnituredivas.co.uk make and sell deckchairs in the UK.

Dorset Enterprises make deck chairs, directors chairs and so on in Bournemouth, England.  Closed down – see https://ukmade.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/dorset-enterprises-deckchairs-uk/


Kew Gardens sell a UK made Kew Gardens map deckchair.

For British made garden tools and lawnmowers please click here.  Also please see here for British made plastic items. See here for other garden related products made in Great Britain.

There is more quality British made garden furniture and more gardening related products out there – please let me know if you find some !