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Buy British Made Easter Eggs

Over 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are sold each year in the UK. This year check the packaging and make sure to choose an Easter Egg that is actually made in the UK (from British made chocolate and using British made packaging). From Thorntons to Fortnum and Mason to The Meaningful Chocolate Company to your local supermarket or corner shop it should be easy enough to find a British made Easter Egg. Buy British this Easter.

For the definitive list of chocolate and confectionery that is actually made in the UK please click http://wp.me/p2KOue-AS

Much of the chocolate and confectionery sold that used to be made in Britain is now actually foreign made, so shop with care and choose British made.

Fortnum and Mason Hand Decorated White Chocolate Egg 227g made in England

Fortnum and Mason Hand Decorated White Chocolate Egg 227g. Made in England

Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels 155g

Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Chocolate Caramels 155g. Made in the UK.




Hot on the heels of the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, comes the official Coronation celebrations and with it a new flurry of ‘Great Britain fever’. With this in mind, House of Dorchester, the premium British chocolatier has created three new product ranges designed to appeal to both UK and overseas tourists who are keen to take home a piece of truly British / Scottish memorabilia – the Coronation range, London Red Bus and London England, and Scottish Saltire Scottish Flag collections.

This year’s media exposure of great British events has turbocharged tourism for the UK making London one of the most desirable places to visit in the world. It’s anticipated that the UK will see an extra 4.5 million visitors in the next few years leading to around £2bn in extra spending.*

Made right here in Britain, House of Dorchester’s latest collections provide the perfect opportunity to promote the premium chocolatier’s ‘Home of great British chocolate’ credentials. Beautifully packaged with iconic London (and Scottish!) imagery, they combine clever craftwork and outstanding quality. All are ideal as a treat-yourself gift or as an appealing souvenir and are available at a wide range of high street retailers and specialist shops as well as online at www.hodchoc.com.  

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British Chocolate? Or is it? Is your British chocolate really made in Britain? British made chocolates and sweets (including The List of which confectionery is still British made)

Is your British chocolate really made in Britain?

Are your British sweets really British?

Is your British confectionery actually made in Britain?

Possibly not. Cadbury now make chocolate for the British market in Poland as well as manufacturing in the UK. Terry’s Chocolate Orange is also made in Poland. Terry’s no longer make anything in York and all manufacturing is in Poland, Sweden, Belgium or Slovakia.  Both companies (Terry’s of York and Cadbury) are now owned by Kraft, an American company. Nestle, a Swiss company, now own Rowntree Mackintosh of York and make their Smarties and some other products abroad now. Both Cadbury and Rowntree still have factories in the UK but I wonder for how much longer? Some supermarket own brand chocolate bars are now made abroad too, for example some Tesco chocolate is now made abroad.

Some of the ingredients like cacao have to come from abroad of course (and companies should have an ethical sourcing policy) , but manufacturing should take place in Britain. If products are made in the UK  their environmental impact is less because there is no trans-continental transport involved and British chocolate can only be truly British if it is made in Britain.

Britain is famous for having its supermarkets filled with shelf after shelf of chocolate but how much of this chocolate is still British? More and more chocolate makers are moving their production abroad, so please check that the chocolate you are buying is actually made in the UK.

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