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Pants and Knickers – British Made Underwear for men and women (and British made swimwear)

Shops like M&S no longer sell British made underwear and it is hard to find underwear that is made in the UK. However there is still some great British made underwear made. Here are a few possibilities (in no particular order):

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black

Kiniki Franco Boxer Black. Made in England.

*Kiniki – http://www.kiniki.com – make very good quality underwear for men and swimwear for men and women at a good price and come highly recommended.  They are perhaps most famous for making tan though swimwear.  Designed, manufactured and dispatched from their factory in Staffordshire, England. Each and every pair of their mens underwear & mens & womens Tan Through swimwear is made in England. However, currently all their ladies (bamboo) underwear is made in Turkey. Kinki plans that in future their womens underwear will once again be made in their factory in England, so keep an eye out for that. The Bolin razors they sell are made in England. However the socks, bags and suncare cream they sell are foreign made.

Kiniki tan through women's and men's swimwear. Made in England.

Kiniki tan through women’s and men’s swimwear. Made in England.

Meyli Miyaru ladies swimwear is all made in the UK – http://www.meylimiyaru.com

Samantha Sage swimwear is made in England. “Ever since the company was created in 1999 Samantha Sage has been proud to manufacture all her swimwear and coverups in England.” Swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups for women, girls and teens; swim shorts for men and boys – https://samanthasage.com

Auria London ladies swimwear (bikinis and swimsuits) is all made made in England. The fabric used comes from an Italian company Aquafil who manufacture in Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, UK, the USA, Thailand and China. I’m not sure where the fabric this company use is manufactured – http://www.auria-london.com

Avaj men’s underwear is made in the UK. Avaj say “The entire clothing and grooming product ranges are 100% designed and manufactured within the UK, and in fact this is true of 99% of the avaj product range.” Briefs, vests, lounge pants, hooded robes, dressing gowns. Male Grooming & Skincare by avaj – exfoliating scrubs, moisturisers, beard shampoos and conditioners, etc. Accessories – Washbags, weekend bags, top hats, bow ties, pocket squares. Homeware – Tea light holders, candles, a bath-salt bowl and scoop, a cake stand, a fruit box, trays and a champagne store – http://www.avaj.co.uk

http://cockandbullmenswear.co.uk – reasonably priced cotton boxer shorts for men – their website boxer shorts and more are available at London Sunday UpMarket where they have a stall. Cock and Bull menswear is 100% made in the UK.*

Cock & Bull - Organic Jerseywear A range of jersey staples including T-shirts and boxer briefs made in the UK using 196 gsm GOTs Certified Organic Cotton, hemp and silk.

Cock & Bull – Organic Jerseywear
A range of jersey staples including T-shirts and boxer briefs made in the UK using 196 gsm GOTs Certified Organic Cotton, hemp and silk.

I bought some light blue made in the UK boxer shorts in Jacksons of Reading today – possibly old stock?  It says on the MGQ (or possibly MCQ) styled by Somax on the label.  35% cotton, 65% polyester.  Nice boxer shorts but I am not sure if they are still made in the UK.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (WISC) shirts are mostly made in Great Britain, using fabric milled abroad in Europe, buttons made in Italy, interlinings made in France and ribbon made in Britain. It is good the company provide so much detail about the provenance of their product. They sell British made shirts for women, Italian and British made shirts for men and British made boxer shorts for men. Deceptively, the words “Made in Britain” on the front page of their website does not seem to mean that all their products are made in Britain! – http://www.wisconline.co.uk

bum-chums (ACM Trading Ltd.) mens cotton underwear is made in the UK. They also make swimming trunks and mens vests.

bum-chums Black Cotton Hipster. Made in the UK.

bum-chums Black Cotton Hipster. Made in the UK.

http://burtonwode.com/product/classic-baby-blue/ – mens boxer shorts. Burtonwode print and make all their underwear in England.

Burtonwode Baby-Blue boxers. Made in England.

Burtonwode Baby-Blue boxers. Made in England.

http://www.sirplus.co.uk/product/light-blue-and-white-herringbone-boxer-short,67958146 – mens boxer shorts.

http://www.sirplus.co.uk/products/boxers,53442019?sizeidx=0&nocache=232519 – ladies boxer shorts.

http://www.madeinbritainltd.com/unjaboshsla.html – Union Jack boxer shorts.

http://www.sulis.co.uk/silk/Mens-silk-shorts.html – silk boxer shorts.

http://www.sulis.co.uk/silk/Silk-Lingerie.html – silk lingerie for women.

http://www.fusion4clothes.co.uk/fine-check-big-mens-boxer-shorts-4xl-xxxxl-54-to-56-waist-made-in-england-p-446.html – larger sized boxer shorts for men.

http://www.emmawillis.com/collection/accessories/boxer-shorts/cPath/17_29 – luxury boxer shorts, nightwear and swimming trunks for men (and women).

http://www.focx.co.uk – women’s boxer shorts.

http://www.sizedwell.co.uk/store/shopexd.asp?id=122 – boxer shorts for the larger man.

http://store.turnbullandasser.co.uk/Boxer_Shorts/View_all_Boxer_Shorts – premium men’s boxers.

Kinky Knickers – Made in Britain with authentic Nottingham lace, ‘Kinky Knickers’ by Mary Portas were featured in Channel 4’s Mary’s Bottom Line – available at M&S, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Boots.  The packaging and fabric is from abroad but at least they are being made in the UK, at the Headen and Quarmby site in Middleton on the outskirts of Manchester I understand.  The factory, founded in 1935, had moved production abroad to make it more competitive – but now skilled local machinists are back working at the site thanks to this project.  As far as I know production is continuing in the UK.  I assume the rest of Headen and Quarmby products are made abroad.  See this article – http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/the-next-brief-mary-portas-wants-685639

Who Made Your Pants? is a campaigning lingerie brand based in Southampton, UK.  They sell women’s pants which are made in Southampton – http://www.whomadeyourpants.co.uk

http://www.britishthermals.com – Thermal underwear for men, women and children manufactured in Leicester (England, UK) – note you need to select the British made thermals (some of the products they sell are not British made).

http://www.palmunderwear.co.uk/index.php – Palm Underwear (Manchester Hosiery) – Thermals, underwear, vests (singlets), long-johns, pants, briefs, traditional undershirts, trunks, t-shirts and hosiery for all age groups; men, women and children  – All their products are manufactured in England – suppliers are listed via the mail order tab, or try Fogey Unlimited! (http://www.fogeyunlimited.co.ukor Williams Bazaar Ltd (http://www.wegotitall.co.uk) or Classic British Styles or just search online or look on eBay. They were also available at Woods of Morecambe, but sadly according to their website “Woods of Morecambe Limited has ceased to trade”. Manchester Hosiery trades under the brand names PalmWhite SwanGuardian and High Cross.  Owned by a company in Hong Kong these days.

Style 380: High Cross 100% Cotton Singlet White. Made in England

Style 380: High Cross Vest
100% Cotton Singlet White. Made in England

High Cross Traditional Undershirt SHORT Sleeve. Made in England.

High Cross Traditional Undershirt SHORT Sleeve. Made in England.

High Cross - cellular singlet. Made in England.

High Cross – cellular singlet (vest). Made in England.

High Cross Koolnit cellular underwear. Made in the UK. Photograph by author. Label view.

High Cross Koolnit cellular underwear. Made in the UK. Photograph by author. Label view.

High Cross Koolnit cellular underwear. Made in the UK. Photograph by author. Packaged view.

High Cross Koolnit cellular underwear. Made in the UK. Photograph by author. Packaged view.

Classic British Styles sell mostly British made underwear for men and women and are well worth a look. British made mens underwear (from companies like High Cross, Guardian, etc – see above), British made ladies nightshirts, British made camisoles, and British made ladies underwear – http://www.classicbritishstyles.co.uk

http://www.luxluxltd.com – women’s thermal underwear and nightwear made in England.

Ellicelydia ladies lingerie is made in the UK – http://www.ellicelydia.com

Vollers Corsets have been making corsets in the UK since 1899. All their corsets are made in the UK – http://www.vollers-corsets.com

I’m not sure what happened to Meridian, which was best known for its underwear and knitwear, but it seems they were taken over by Courtauld’s and possibly the factory was closed down.  I can’t find much information on the company on the internet, but it seems they have gone.

A vintage made in England Meridian mens vest.

A vintage made in England Meridian mens vest.

Pendeen vests used to be made in the UK, but I am not sure if this is still the case. I wrote to ask them if they still manufactured in the UK on 18th January 2015, but they have not responded. Sadly Pendeen production moved from Leicester to the Indian subcontinent a few years ago it seems (thank you to @veganline for the information).

A vintage made in England Pendeen Singlet/Vest in Cotton/Viscose.

A vintage made in England Pendeen Singlet/Vest in Cotton/Viscose.

Sunspel underwear is generally made in Portugal or Turkey these days. They do give country of origin information on their website if you click on ‘style and fabric’.

Sub Zero Technology Ltd. manufacture thermal underwear, thermal baselayers, thermal midlayers, merino wool base layers, and childrens’ thermal underwear in England at their Leicester factory. Not everything they sell is made in England, but mostly they do label which items are UK made on their website so you can easily find their UK made stuff. If it does not say made in the UK then it is probably made abroad. Available at the Sub Zero online store – http://www.subzerostore.co.uk

Eskeez thermal base layers (hats, tops, shorts, long johns, socks; for men, women and children) are all made in the UK – http://eskeez.co.uk/shop/

DAP Squared, a wholesale supply company (an importer, not a manufacturer) intend to sell British made Boxer shorts from August 2013. I’ll update if I find out more.  Links below.  As they say on their website “Buying British Boxers means that you are helping us fight for British manufacturing providing British jobs and regenerating our towns and cities”.  These are now available and look fab.



Daniel Jenkins sells a range of British made mens boxer shorts under their Purposeful Activity label. These ‘Marlowe’ boxers are constructed in London using British made fabrics, buttons, and labels [ http://www.danieljenkins.co.uk/index.php?dispatch=news.view&news_id=61 ]. Their Purposeful Activity range of jacket and shirts are also made in the UK.

Daniel Jenkins Purposeful Activity Marlowe Boxer Shorts. Made in London using British made fabrics, buttons, and labels

Daniel Jenkins Purposeful Activity Marlowe Boxer Shorts. Made in London using British made fabrics, buttons, and labels

Gilda & Pearl – Ladies lingerie made in the UK – http://www.gildapearl.co.uk.

Ayten Gasson – Ladies lingerie made in the UK – http://www.aytengasson.com

Ell and CeeVelda LauderKiss Me Deadly and Fleur endeavor to produce at least some their lingerie products within the UK apparently – check their websites for made in the UK labelling or ask.

Bosom Galore lingerie is designed & manufactured within Great Britain. Luxury, UK manufactured lingerie & nightwear in small band and large cup sizes, from 26E. Launching autumn 2014 – http://bosomgalore.com

Red Box Lingerie have a made in Britain ladies lingerie section on their website.

Standard Drawers ladies teddy is made in Britain (using Italian lace) – http://www.standarddrawers.com

Udeshi boxers are made in London.

MECCANICA mens clothing (which is well worth a look at) is made entirely in Britain, including their boxer shorts by Tootal – http://www.meccanicacycles.com

Legwear International are manufacturers and importers of ladies tights, hold ups and stockings. Legwear International have their own UK manufacturing plant. I’m not sure how many of their products or which of their products are made in the UK, so you’ll have to ask them. Available via their website and in stores – http://www.legwearinternational.com

Rose Fulbright luxury lingerie for women is manufactured in Britain – http://rosefulbright.com

Ussen – According to their website, every Ussen thermal product is manufactured in the United Kingdom, but I am not sure if that means all their products are made in the UK so you’ll have to check. Stockists are listed on their website – http://www.ussen.co.uk

Dick Winters “quintessentially British” mens boxer shorts are made in Great Britain. Their underwear factory was established in 1935 and still make quality lingerie and underwear for the UK market. What I like about their website is the clear detailing about their British supply chain, from their factory, to fabric suppliers and label makers – http://www.dickwinters.co.uk

Cahoonas mens underwear is made in Great Britain. Their t-shirts are foreign made (but printed in Scotland) and their mens grooming range might be UK made (you will need to ask) – http://www.cahoonas.co.uk

Calm Leisure’s bamboo base layer tops for men and women are made in the UK – https://www.calmleisure.co.uk

Retro and Lace vintage and burlesque style corsets and lingerie includes metal clasp girdles, multi strap suspender belts, corselettes and cinchers. All UK MADE – http://www.retroandlace.co.uk

Lola Myer make Bloomers (& Dresses) for girls aged 0m- 6yrs in England. This is a new company and one of my followers on Twitter – http://www.lolamyer.co.uk

Equetech sell a range of padded riding underwear for men and women; briefs, boxers, support shorts. 40% of their equestrian clothing products are UK made; search for UK on their site – http://www.equetech.com

Blighty’s Emporium online sell UK made men’s boxer shorts and trucks (and UK made men’s socks) – http://www.blightysemporium.co.uk

Loveday London luxury lingerie, loungewear and candles for women are made in Wales – http://www.lovedaylondon.com

For British made t-shirts, please see my article on British made clothing generally.

Do you know of any other suppliers of British made underwear?

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