Tea Making Tips (1941)

Tea Making Tips is a comprehensive guide to the perfect cuppa, including the six golden tips for making the perfect brew, released in 1941. Courtesy of the British Film Institute (BFI) on YouTube. The film is 10 minutes long, so I suggest you put the kettle on, sit down and have and nice cup of char (aka chai) whilst you watch it. Made in pot with loose tea leaves of course! Enjoy…

You may also enjoy this BBC video on how to make a the perfect cup of tea:


Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel.

In the Victorian era, Britain was responsible for 40% of the global supply of steel. It may soon produce nearly none at all. Should Tata sell off its sites in Scunthorpe or Port Talbot, following the closure of their Redcar plant last year, Britain would become the only member of the G7 no longer making steel. British steelmaking […]

Source: Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel. – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming

My top notebooks or the best notebooks in the world – my quest to find the perfect notebook

In my quest to find the perfect notebook, I have decided the ones below are the world’s best notebooks. It’s down to personal choice of course and your particular requirements at the time. I’ve tried to think about cost, quality (and in particular paper quality), looks, size (whether you need something lightweight and fairly small and slim or something larger with more space) and what I want from a notebook at the moment. Although was meant to be a kind of ‘top 10’ notebooks, there are more than 10 and the order does not really matter as these are all great British made notebooks.

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Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right?


The manufacture of some British medals is to be off-shored to France according to reports this morning. This will be the first time that any top British honour has been manufactured abroad and the news has apparently provoked anger. It is understood that the CBE medal, the Distinguished Service Order, The Order of the Bath, the […]

From “A Truly British Family” – 2/3/16 – click the link and have your say.  95% of respondents so far think this is wrong!

Source: Have your say – British medals to be made in France, but is is right? – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming

Links:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/honours-list/12178882/Queens-honours-French-firm-to-make-British-medals-for-first-time.html


Why not make the effort to buy British made Easter Eggs this Easter?

Tesco Help For Heroes Egg 187G. Made in the UK.

Tesco Help For Heroes Egg 187G. Made in the UK.

Over 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs are sold each year in the UK. This year check the packaging and make sure to choose an Easter Egg that is actually made in the UK (from British made chocolate and using British made packaging). From Thorntons to Fortnum and Mason to the Meaningful Chocolate Company to Moo Free to your local Sainsbury or Tesco or Marks and Spencer or corner shop it should be easy enough to find a British made Easter Egg. Buy British this Easter.

For the definitive list of all chocolate and confectionery that is actually made in the UK, including British made Easter Eggs, please click http://wp.me/p2KOue-AS

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The Importance of Buying British Kiln Dried Logs

The Importance of Buying British Kiln Dried Logs

You are perhaps not even aware, when buying firewood, that a huge amount now comes from Eastern Europe and the amount being imported is rising at a significant rate.

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Get Laid Beds – A True British Bed Maker

Get laid Beds bedframe

Get Laid Beds – A True British Bed Maker

Get Laid Beds are a UK based wooden bed maker, that specialises in the a vast array of wooden bed frames, including their iconic Low Beds, stylish Standard Height Beds and their prestigious Four Poster Beds. They have a family heritage in carpentry and using experienced craftsmanship, meaning that they take great pride in the quality and design of the wooden beds that they hand make in their workshop. They even offer an amazing 11 year guarantee on all of their wooden beds as result from their careful and experienced craftsmanship.

We live in a period in which the majority of products are mass produced and with streamlined manufacturing, which diverts away from the traditional British manufacturing values and quality. Get Laid Beds hand make all of their beds with custom alterations and special care, so each of their customers get a personalised bed with their own choice of colour finish and size. This is all done locally from their Leicester based workshop, of which they deliver worldwide to customers bedrooms.

Wooden Bed Frames

One of their most popular beds is their contemporary Platform Bed (Space Saver). The wooden Platform Space Saver bed is a popular style as a result from its space efficient design. It is designed to give you those extra few inches of space when you need them most, especially with small bedrooms and awkward spaces. In addition to boasting a contemporary design, and a minimalist aesthetic it also allows clearance underneath the bed frame which offers a valuable storage solution. With no inclusion of a headboard, the Space Saver version of the Platform Bed offers more flexibility as you can install a headboard of your own.

The main difference between Get Laid Beds wooden bed frames and others is that they are made using quality mortise and tenon joints. This method of construction makes your bed much more sturdy and durable, meaning that it can stand the test of time, which is reflected in the company’s promise of an 11 year guarantee on all their wooden beds. You can certainly be confident in the quality and British design of their wooden bed frames.

Buying Handmade British Beds

Get Laid Beds produce all their wooden bed frames locally, with bespoke sizes and finishes, as a result from being able to offer more customisable features on their handmade wooden beds. This Includes a choice between a range of colour finishes, such as sleek black, smooth white, modern chocolate and professional grey colour finishes for their Solid Scandinavian Pine bed frames.

They also offer a range of hardwood finishes, including such popular hardwoods as Oak, Walnut and Ash. This service allows you to really personalise your wooden bed frame to suit your bedroom. They also offer 17 different bed size, which range from a Small Single to such large custom sizes as a King, Super-King and their own special 7ft Super-Caesar. You can also customise the size with their alterations service which starts from as little as £55.

Additional Information

All of this ensures that your wooden bed can be handmade to be more personal to you, so you can confident that the stylish British wooden bed frame will look great in your bedroom. You can view their range of British handmade wooden bed frames, as well as their mattresses and bedding on their website here – http://www.getlaidbeds.co.uk/

This is a guest article for UK Made written by Get laid Beds.