Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel.

In the Victorian era, Britain was responsible for 40% of the global supply of steel. It may soon produce nearly none at all. Should Tata sell off its sites in Scunthorpe or Port Talbot, following the closure of their Redcar plant last year, Britain would become the only member of the G7 no longer making steel. British steelmaking […]

Source: Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel. – A Truly British Family – Consumer champions of manufacturing & farming

5 thoughts on “Britain set to be the only leading economy to not make steel.

  1. veganline


    – If the chancellor of the exchequor said often that a low pound compared to high other currencies was fine; that it’s fine to have a weak pound and no business of government to make it stronger because that would close UK industry. Just saying it in public would make a difference, and might make UK steel viable, which in turn would make other UK industries viable.

    – If the prime minister said something about tariffs against countries that lower exchange rates by having no welfare state, no reason why the rich and powerful should pay tax and keep money in the same region, every reason why they should put the money in swiss bank accounts or wherever. These countries should have some kind of extra tariff, at least because they have nothing like national insurance and higher taxes built-in to their costs, and at most because their elites are shovelling money out of wherever they live and into other currencies.

    – If the UK did something for real when voting on EU tariff laws, because it’s the EU that sets tariffs not the UK, but a lot of other EU countries have similar problems and a sane contribution might make a big difference instead of voting for free trade at all costs as has been done till now.

  2. Notasdumb Asit Seems

    Also, Germany used to be known for highest quality steel from their Ruhr Valley. Then politicians, “business economists”, banksters, lobbyists and other leeches decided that Germany should become a society based on services. This means, a society of a country which produces nothing real anymore. With the devastating effect that practically all steel works were sold to China from which Germany now has to import inferior quality steel. Not to mention the mass unemployement of the former steel workers.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Yes indeed, Great Britain is not alone in suffering from “made in China” at the cost of people’s livelihoods…China makes lots of good things too of course but globalisation has costs that many people just don’t seem to realise sadly.


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