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Made in Britain – Made in the UK – UK Made – British Made – Made in UK.

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My website “ukmade” is about celebrating British manufacturing and helping you source British made goods. It has many recommendations of quality products made in the British Isles.

You can also find ukmade @BritishGoods on twitter, @MadeInTheUnitedKingdom on tumblr and at UKMade on pinterest.

Manufacturing in the UK allows companies to control supply, guarantee quality, offer flexibility and to be ethical and environmentally sound.

You and / or your company or the company or organisation you work for can support British companies and British jobs and be environmentally friendly (by reducing your carbon footprint through reducing the miles goods are transported) by buying British.

Why not make a conscious preference to buy British? You may have to look that bit harder (lots of goods on the High Street are foreign made these days), but Britain still makes most things. I hope this website will be of some assistance in your search to find not only British designed but actually British manufactured goods. You’ll also much information on the internet generally, but a word of caution. There’s a tendency amongst many firms to claim British heritage in such a way that it misleadingly implies manufacture in the UK. I’m sure you won’t be fooled by this, but do take care to ensure what you are buying really is manufactured in the UK.

Fly the flag!  Buy British.



10 thoughts on “Made in Britain @ ukmade

    1. ukmade Post author


      I have written to Varilight to see if they still manufacture in the UK. Let’s see if they respond. Thanks for pointing this company out.

  1. Rob Miller

    Here is a company on E-bay selling Gel Insoles for foot pain.
    The product proudly flies the flag & states UK made. I can also confirm that the product arrives in a package with a sticker stating UK made.
    Identical products bearing identical wording albeit NOT claiming UK manufacture are available from other vendors for less. Bearing in mind that you state that there are no longer any UK manufacturers of insoles, I have messaged the vendor asking for the provenance of the product, my obvious concern is that someone is perpetrating a con & profiting unfairly from the UK made label. I will inform you of any reply that I receive.

  2. Gordon

    Whenever I’m buying something I always consult this site to see if there is a UK made version 🙂 I’d guess this site has meant I’ve substituted £500 of spending on UK made goods 🙂

    I believe a lot of DFS furniture is made in the UK.

    Montrose Rope and Sail make their stuff in Scotland. I’ve got one of their bags, it’s really strong and good value for money 🙂

    1. ukmade Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I am pleased my site is of use to you. DFS do make quite a bit of their furniture in the UK. They will be in a new article on British made furniture coming soon (well not that soon – probably after Christmas at the rate I am going!). I will add Montrose very soon. Cheers and I hope you continue to make good use of my website.


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