Wind turbines made in the UK, etc‏.


Boost Energy Phase Converter

Ampair design & make wind turbines in the UK and are the UK’s oldest surviving turbine manufacturer (Ampair, see having been making them since 1973. They are also the UK’s oldest manufacturer of single-to-three phase converters (Booster, see ) which they have been doing since 1957. Basically they design & make light electromechanical machinery.  Ampair / Boost Energy continue to invest in their UK manufacturing operations as one of their Directors has commented on it on their website (see ). The business exports a lot and that has been the foundation of how they have rebuilt the business – the approximate numbers are 30% sales to UK, 40% sales to continental Europe, and 30% to rest of world, and they have rebuilt the business to the point where they now employ about 20 people rather than the one person they employed ten years ago. Clearly there are other small wind manufacturers in the UK but it is pleasing to see both the Ampair wind turbines and Boost Energy manufacture in the UK.

Remote living in Scotland

Remote living in Scotland

Hydro Power Turbines

Hydro Power Turbines

2 thoughts on “Wind turbines made in the UK, etc‏.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Brook Crompton is a leading manufacturer of electric motors for the global industrial market and certainly in the past manufacturing took place in the UK. However, I can find no reference to them manufacturing in the UK these days on their website – – which usually means a company has moved manufacture abroad. Can I ask how do you know they still make products in the UK please?


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