BBC News – Lava lamp creators mark 50 years of 1960s icon

BBC News – Lava lamp creators mark 50 years of 1960s icon.

Mathmos traditional and the original lava lamps are still made in the UK.

“It would be much cheaper to make lava lamps in China,” said Ms Granger, adding that some of the company’s other LED lighting products are no longer made in the UK.

“But I think it’s special to make a heritage thing in the place it’s always been made. The bottles are made in Yorkshire, the bases are made in Devon, the bottles are filled in Poole and the lamps assembled to order in Poole.”

Great stuff, although it is only the Mathmos lava lamps that are made in the UK, with other Mathmos products often made in China.

Anglepoise (Herbert Terry) on the other hand have moved all production to China, except for the Anglepoise Giant 1227 lamp which is made in the UK. 


9 thoughts on “BBC News – Lava lamp creators mark 50 years of 1960s icon

    1. ukmade Post author

      There is a bit about energy in the BBC article (last few paragraphs) but I suggest you write to the company to find out more. I am sure they will be happy to help, after all they will want you to buy one of their fab lamps.

  1. Ariel Barton

    shame there are no light bulb factories – My “ten year” phillips light bulbs, made in PRC, only last one year.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Thanks for your comment. It is a shame. I have exactly the same problem with the long-life light bulbs made in the PRC – they don’t last even a year often. Companies like Philips and GE and Osram used to manufacture in the UK – does any company still make light bulbs in the UK? All the bulbs you see in supermarkets are made in China these days. And I am still to be convinced of the wisdom of moving away from traditional incandescent bulbs which are cheaper and brighter than the complex energy-saving variety that are intended to replace them and that as far as I can see are all made abroad. Have a look at this article

      1. Ariel

        I will try to find out if there are any light bulbs manufactured in France, Germany, or Italy. That is better than PRC.

  2. Paul

    There is still a British Manufacturer of Light Bulbs, fluorescent tubes, etc. They are called BELL (British Electric Lighting Limited), based in the North of England. Many Trade wholesale outfits sell them. I work in Afghanistan and I always insist on their products – purchased from the UK of course

      1. ukmade Post author

        Thanks for your comment, but sadly Bell moved their production in the mid 1980s to the Far East and Eastern Europe. Their website confirms this and as far as I know they no longer manufacture in the UK.

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