British Made Paints, Paint Brushes, decorating tools, polishes, wood finishes, fabrics and Wallpapers

Leyland Paints are all manufactured in Birstall, West Yorkshire, UK.  Leyland are owned by the American PPG Industries.

Leyland Paints - trecentcans

Leyland Paint. Made in England.

Crown Paints paints are all made in Darwen & Hull, England. Crown are now part of the Danish Hempel Group.

Crown Matt Emulsion. Made in the UK.

Crown Matt Emulsion. Made in the UK.

Dulux is owned by Akzo Nobel which is a Dutch company but some Dulux paint in the UK is manufactured in Ashington, Northumberland .

Farrow and Ball – – paints and wallpaper are made in their factory in Dorset, England. I am not sure about their brushes and rollers, but probably not as they do not mention these being made in the UK on their website.

Mylands say on their website that they are “the last remaining paint manufacturer in London”. House paints and wood finishes. Established in 1884, they are Royal Warrant holders to Her Majesty the Queen. I am not sure if all their products are UK made, so please check before buying –

Glowtec Starglow invisible UV reactive paints, glow-in-the-darks paints, neon paints, reflective paints, glow stickers, glow-in-the-dark emergency egress and route marking stickers, pixie paint, glow jar paint kits, hi-vis fluorescent and phosphorescent paints, ceiling stars, glow powder, body paint, glow tape, glow vinyl, pixie dust, , glow canvas, glow letters and numbers, and reflective marker ‘pens’ for horse blankets are all made in the UK. It appears their stain-on-contact UV thief detection gels and powders, and hand hygiene training lotions are also made in the UK. I assume their UV light range is foreign made. Products are available on their website, trade and retail, with no minimum order quantities –

All Sanderson and Zoffany paints are manufactured in the UK. Sanderson and Morris & Co. fabrics and wallpapers are made in the UK. Sanderson, Zoffany, Morris and CoHarlequinScion, and Anthology are all part of Style Library and sell British made furnishing fabrics and wallpaper. “Style Library is part of the celebrated Walker Greenbank Group, whose brands are all justifiably proud that their wallpapers and printed fabrics are Great British products! Not only are the Brands’ wallpapers and printed fabrics manufactured in the UK, they are produced within Walker Greenbank Group factories, each of which operates with clear commitments and initiatives towards the care of the environment and to sustainability.” Style Library fabrics are mostly manufactured in the North West of England at the Standfast & Barracks factory. Their wallpapers are mostly produced in the East Midlands by Anstey Wallpaper Company. Products in their homeware range are made for them by others under licence and non wallpaper, fabric and paint products by Style Library may well be foreign made. Check country of origin before buying. Links to retailers are given on their website –

Sanderson paint. Made in the UK.

Sanderson paint. Made in the UK.

Lakeland Paints, founded in 1989, solvent free organic paints and varnishes were I understand made in the UK but the company website is not working (as of 21 December 2017) and it appears the company was dissolved in November 2016.

Ian Mankin fabrics say on their website “We are extremely proud that our fabrics are made from 100% natural fibres and that we weave all our UK woven fabrics in our own traditional Lancashire cotton mill, run by the same family for six generations.” They have a shop in London or you can buy from their website. They make furnishing fabrics and wallpaper in their own mill in Britain, as well as throws, cushions, napkins, and table clothes. They also sell British made candles and British made deck chairs. Other products like door stops, draft excluders, Christmas sacks, Christmas stockings, beach bags, notebooks, tea towels, and oven gloves appear to be made with Ian Rankin fabric but as no country of origin is given are presumably made abroad. They also sell a few items of occasional furniture which again are presumably foreign made –

20th Century Cloth say on their website “All my products are designed in London and manufactured in the UK”. They sell interior fabrics (printed in the UK; it does not say where the fabrics are from or where they are milled), lampshades, fashion fabrics (printed in the UK; it does not say where the fabrics are from or where they are milled), make up bags, wash bags, and pocket mirrors –

Tesco white spirit is made in the UK –

Tesco White Spirit. Made in the UK. On display in Tesco Flitwick 30 January 2017. Photograph by author.

Tesco White Spirit. Made in the UK. On display in Tesco Flitwick 30 January 2017. Photograph by author.

Rustins formulate and manufacture wood finishes and speciality paints from their factory in London. Their products are made in the UK, but I’m not sure if they all are so please check before purchase. Rustins say on their website “Established in 1924, Rustins is a leading British manufacturer of wood finishes, speciality paints and performance household cleaners.  We produce our range at our factory in North London, using new materials and technologies whilst maintaining our heritage of excellence and quality.  Our brands include Rustins, Briwax, Antiquax, Wudcare, Stones and Brummer.  Each brand has its own formulations and products.   In addition to the UK market, we export to over 30 countries.” “Briwax International makes leading luxury wood finishes in England” according to their Briwax website. I am not sure if all Briwax products are UK made, so please check when buying. Briwax is made by Rustins. Humbrol enamel paints and finishing products are now made by Cricklewood-based Rustins. Ristins were established in 1924 – – –

PaperBoy boys’ wallpaper and fabric is designed and printed in England –

House of Hackney fabrics and wallpapers are made in England, as are a fair few of the other household products they sell and their clothes –

Anthony Hughes collection of digitally printed wallpapers is made in Britain, as are their cushions and drum light shades –

BeeGee Brushes offer an extensive range of paint brushes, wallpaper brushes and glue brushes and they are all made in the UK.

Lucas ProTools ProFinish paint brush is made in the UK. Lucas is a well established fit out and finishing specialist to the construction industry, providing range of decorative and protective coatings services –

All Fox Brushes are made in the UK. Their factory is in Birmingham, England. Brushes are available in a variety of sizes and types, with nylon or natural bristle filaments. Suitable for water based paints and a range of other paints. Stockists are listed on their website or these paint brushes can be purchased via a link on their website –

The Fox Original Straight Cut paint brush. Made in England.

The Fox Original Straight Cut paint brush. Made in England.

Harris Brushes, founded in 1928, and Royal Warrant holders, manufacture paint brushes, paint rollers and paint tools in the UK and China. Harris owns two factories, one is located in Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, outside Birmingham (UK), and the other is located in Zhaoqing City in Guangdong Province (China). Harris also owns 50% of a joint venture with a local partner in India, serving the Indian market. The company has a minority shareholding in a painting tool manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Harris have been manufacturing some products in China since 2003. Since 2016 the company have been owned by Orkla House Care of Norway, who also own the Hamilton brand (Hamilton – Pages, Hamiltons of London, Acorn Decorating Products – was founded in 1746. No information about country of origin is given on their website and I therefore assume Hamilton paint brushes and so on are now foreign made). The Harris “Classic” and “Taskmasters” paint brush ranges are UK made. Interestingly, the flagship “Never buy another” paint brush range is clearly marked with the Union Flag but NO UK made label however it does say this range is UK made on their website. Some British made products are labelled as such on the Harris website. No country of origin is given on the Harris website for their paint rollers, pads and paint trays but apparently the majority of their rollers are made in the UK. Harris also also make selected ranges for the professional decorator in the UK. All Harris painting tools appear to all be foreign made. Whilst many Harris products are now foreign made, with careful selection you can buy British made Harris paint brushes and rollers –

Tableau household cleaning products and furniture polishes are made in England. This applies to most if not all their products, which include Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaner, Chandelier Cleaner, Mould and Mildew Remover, Scratch Cover, Silicone Lubricant, Floor Polish, Stain Remover, Leather Cleaner, Leather Cream, Oven Cleaner, Descaler, Black Grate Polish, Slate Oil, Graffiti Remover, UPVC Cleaner, Silver Polish, Silver Cleaning Cloth, Silver Replating, Red Tile Polish, Terracotta Tile Polish, Butchers Block Oil, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner, stove glass cleaner, red tile polish, silver dip, and chalk paint. Their twitter tagline is “Here at Tableau, we have specialist, British made cleaning solutions for your home #cleaning #madeinuk” –

For cleaning cloths why not use SELVYT cloths which are made in England. For well over 100 years SELVYT has been the world’s leading brand in polishing cloths for the jewellery, watchmaking and silversmiths trade. Also cloths for glasses cleaning, plasma screen cleaning, cleaning guns, cleaning cars, cleaning brass or wooden instruments, household cleaning, etc. Manufactured in the U.K. SELVYT is a division of Edmund Bell Ltd a British textile company established in the 19th century, who supply curtain lining and blackouts.


For cleaning cloths and cleaning products there is also Town Talk Polishing Co. Ltd. – 98% of their products are produced at their factory in Bolton, Lancashire. They source the sonic unit machine and the microfibre cloth from overseas although these are finished and packed in the UK which is something. All the Town Talk polishes, silver and gold polishing cloths, jewellery cleaners and household cleaning products are 100% made in England. Check the packing when thinking about buying for the words made in England.

Linic Plastic Ltd design and make DIY tools, fixings and a huge variety of other injection moulded products. Own brand or branded; off-the-shelf or bespoke. This moulding company have been making their products for over 30 years in Leicestershire, England and because they manufacture in the UK they state that their delivery times and quality are great and their prices very competitive. They make building tools (such as plastering hawks), car windscreen ice scrapers, craft and hobby items (such as work holders and door wedges), cramps, decorating tools (such as scrapers), gardening tools (such as hand trowels and forks), saws and hack saws, knives (of the Stanley knife sort),  mitres, tiling tools, wall plugs (rawlplugs), jewellery tools, model building tools, and woodworking tools (including hand drills, oilstone boxes, bradawls, callipers, etc). Linic tools are easily available on eBay, (including in the Proops Brothers ltd eBay store; they are owned by Linic), and at Amazon (again including in the Proops Brothers Ltd store). Proops Brothers Ltd is is the retail arm of Linic Plastics Leicestershire, supplying a vast range of tools for craft & hobby, DIY, model making, jewellery, metal and wood working. Linic Plastics Ltd, is based on the same site and manufactures many of the tools that they sell. Some of the items they sell are foreign made. British made items are labelled as such. There’s a short article about Linic on the British Family website. Their range includes British made decorating tools such as wallpaper cutters, paint guards, straight edges, wallpaper smoothers, paint stirring paddles, window scrapers, wall paper cutting scissors and so on – –

There are still quite a few British fabric mills around, so you should insists on British milled fabrics for furniture and furnishings – my article on British made clothes lists a lot of the mills.

Are there more British made paints, paint brushes, painting accessories and wallpapers out there?


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  1. Darren Cross

    Dulux is owned by Akzo Nobel which is a Dutch company but Dulux paint in the UK is manufactured in Ashington, Northumberland .


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