Hot on the heels of the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, comes the official Coronation celebrations and with it a new flurry of ‘Great Britain fever’. With this in mind, House of Dorchester, the premium British chocolatier has created three new product ranges designed to appeal to both UK and overseas tourists who are keen to take home a piece of truly British / Scottish memorabilia – the Coronation range, London Red Bus and London England, and Scottish Saltire Scottish Flag collections.

This year’s media exposure of great British events has turbocharged tourism for the UK making London one of the most desirable places to visit in the world. It’s anticipated that the UK will see an extra 4.5 million visitors in the next few years leading to around £2bn in extra spending.*

Made right here in Britain, House of Dorchester’s latest collections provide the perfect opportunity to promote the premium chocolatier’s ‘Home of great British chocolate’ credentials. Beautifully packaged with iconic London (and Scottish!) imagery, they combine clever craftwork and outstanding quality. All are ideal as a treat-yourself gift or as an appealing souvenir and are available at a wide range of high street retailers and specialist shops as well as online at  

Coronation Range

A celebration in chocolate to commemorate the official 60th anniversary of the coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 2013, the Coronation range is exquisitely presented in stunning regal packaging, and offers a choice of luxury indulgent taste experiences.

Milk Chocolate Pictorial Pack: seven individually wrapped milk chocolate slims, featuring a selection of striking royal images combined with a crown emblem.
(SRP £3.85)

Milk Chocolate Bar: traditional House of Dorchester chunky fine milk chocolate bar made to the unique House of Dorchester recipe, presented in a dramatic purple Coronation themed sleeve.
(SRP £2.55)

Praline Crowns: beautiful boxed collection of mouth-watering crown shaped milk, dark and white Praline chocolates.
(SRP £6.49)

Available from end January 2013. 

London Red Bus and London England

A selection of seven different premium chocolate gifts featuring iconic London imagery, including the infamous London ‘Routemaster’ Red Bus, London Beefeater and Big Ben.

Milk Chocolate Bar: eye catching chunky milk chocolate bar.
(SRP £2.55) 

Milk Chocolate Pictorial Pack: pack of 12 milk chocolate slims which combine to present a striking London Red Bus visual.

(SRP £5.25)

Milk Chocolate Pictorial Pack: pack of seven milk chocolate slims featuring a classic London landscape.

(SRP £3.85)

Pencil Case Tin: attractive London themed metal tin containing juicy jelly baby treats.

(SRP £5.25)

Money Box Tin: useful square shaped tin featuring classic London graphics, containing quality vanilla fudge.

(SRP £5.25)

Suitcase tin: delightful suitcase shaped tin depicting typical London scene, packed with royal toffees.

(SRP £4.95)

Available from end January 2013.

Flying the Flag

Initially launched for the Diamond Jubilee / Olympics celebrations, the Flying the Flag collection has proved so popular it is back in 2013, only this time with a few extra additions!

Milk Chocolate Pictorial Pack: pack of 7 and 12 milk chocolate slims featuring the Union Jack.

(SRP £3.85) for 7

(SRP £5.25) for 12

Luxury Assortment: mouth-watering selection of luxury chocolates presented in a dramatic Union Jack themed box.

(SRP £6.49)

Embossed Money Box Tin: attractive Union Jack tin crammed with suitably regal royal toffees.

(RSP £5.35)

Milk Chocolate Bar: chunky milk chocolate bar featuring the Union Jack.

(SRP £2.55)

Stir in Hot Chocolate: a delicious Fly the Flag mini marshmallows flavoured hot chocolate treat.

(SRP £1.75)

Available from end January 2013.

Scottish Saltire Flag Range

A new collection designed to specifically appeal to visitors to Scotland, looking for a striking keepsake as a reminder of their trip.

Milk Chocolate Pictorial Pack: five milk chocolate slims to celebrate Scotland’s unique heritage and identity.

(SRP £2.75) 

Milk Chocolate Bar: chunky milk chocolate bar featuring the Scottish Saltire Flag.

(SRP £2.55)

Luxury Assortment: sumptuous selection of luxury chocolates presented in ultra smart Scottish Saltire Flag themed box.

(SRP £6.49)

Available from end January 2013.

The above is a guest article written by House of Dorchester. The Coronation collection and Tourist collections are available through the rest of this year. All production is undertaken at the company’s Poundbury (Dorset) factory base.

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