British made baby carriers, prams and bibs – Rose and Rebellion, Kari Me, Genesis, Silver Cross

Rose and Rebellion baby carriers and bibs are made in the UK.  I came across these on pinterest. Great looking products.

Kari Me – UK made fabric baby carriers –

CGR Bike Gear sell Genesis British made bags for babies prams, to protect them during transport – All CGR own branded products are made in England. Designed for bikers for men and women – micro-fleeces, leggings, short-sleeved zipped tops, polo neck tops, etc. –

Silver Cross currently manufactures two models of full-size coach-built pram in the UK, the Balmoral and the Kensington, as well as two models of dolls pram, the Oberon and the Chatsworth. Silver Cross is the only pram manufacturer still producing coach-built prams in the UK (source Wikipedia). The Silver Cross website confirms this giving some country of origin information about these models; for example describing the Kensington pram as “Still hand made and hand finished in Yorkshire by skilled craftsmen…” They are rather more coy about where their other products are manufactured and of course this means they are foreign made –

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