Sub Zero outdoor gear – made in England (well most of it) / Fleece Jackets / Ussen, etc.

Performance Thermal Underwear, Thermal Baselayers, Thermal Midlayers, Fleece and Waterproof Jackets.

Sub Zero Technology Ltd. manufacture thermal underwear, thermal baselayers, thermal midlayers, merino wool base layers, childrens thermal underwear, softshells, balaclavas, hats, windproof hats, gloves, socks, walking socks, ski socks, tube ski socks, fleece and waterproof Jackets in England at their Leicester factory. Not everything they sell is made in England, but mostly they do label which items are UK made on their website so you can easily find their UK made stuff. Their own brand items are usually UK made. If it does not say made in the UK then it is probably made abroad. They say on their twitter “Pioneer in outdoor clothing, Design Council ‘Millennium Product’ & multiple award-winner. Proud to say our products are Made in England”. Available at the Sub Zero online store –

It is hard to find a UK made fleece jackets these days (companies like Berghaus and Karrimor now make all their products abroad; they used to manufacture in the UK). Sub Zero still make their fleece jackets in the UK. There is a review of a jacket here. Some other companies make fleeces in the UK are:

Ramblers Clothing also make fleeces in the UK, targeted at children mostly.

PHD also make fleeces in the UK. PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs) make down sleeping bags, down jackets, down suits and mountaineering clothing. All PHP products are made in England –

Fairfield Clothing make fleece jackets for men, women and children in the UK, often using fabric from a textile mill in Yorkshire.  They also make hats, gilets, headbands and suchlike. They have a factory and factory shop in the Yorkshire Dales, near Kendal or their products are available online and in some shops.

I also came across on the net, who make fleece jackets, wellie socks and suchlike in Hastings, England.  Looks great, but there have been no recent updates to their website or social media pages.

Private White VC make luxury fleeces in the UK.

Brightkidz sell made in Britain fluorescent fleeces for adults and children.

I found on the net a company called Rock the Boat, who are selling a made in England fleece top for rowing, branded Cold as Ice.

The Ussen Polar Fleece is made in the UK. According to their website, every Ussen thermal product is manufactured in the United Kingdom, but I am not sure if that means all their products are made in the UK so you’ll have to check. Their twitter did say at one point said “Ussen is an Outdoor brand, Based in UK, Born in UK and all MADE IN UK!” so perhaps everything is UK made. Their website also says “Whenever possible we make our products right here in UK, a small amount of our products simply can not be made here.” They also make hats, gloves and t-shirts, etc. Stockists are listed on their website. Only some products on their website show country of origin against them –

Ussen Otterburn Polar Fleece in Olive. Made in the UK.

Ussen Otterburn Polar Fleece in Olive. Made in the UK. There’s a video review of this fleece below from Denbigh Army Surplus.

Ussen Thermal Flight Glove (in Olive) with extra long cuff. Made in UK.

Ussen Thermal Flight Glove (in Olive) with extra long cuff. Made in UK.

Are there any other fleece jackets still made in the UK?

Sub Zero Mens Polar Thermal Fleece Jacket. Manufactured in the UK

Sub Zero Mens Polar Thermal Fleece Jacket. Manufactured in the UK

For more fleeces and clothing in general please click here.


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