e-petition for a standard Made in Britain logo – please consider signing this



2 thoughts on “e-petition for a standard Made in Britain logo – please consider signing this

  1. Mrs Krystyna Boswell

    I have signed the petition, but very sad to see that only just over 1,000 others have done so. Whatever happened to ‘I’m Backing Britain’? Why are we so apathetic as a nation when it comes to wanting and sourcing quality British made goods? One major may to economic recovery is to create jobs in all types of manufacturing here in the UK, so that once again we can buy British made, quality goods and move towards full employment and some kind of self-reliance. I refuse to knowingly buy goods from China, which are often shoddy, and have to be shipped vast distances – very bad for the environment! Yet sometimes there is little or no choice as this rubbish floods the UK market. Why support the economic growth of another country when we so badly need it ourselves? Clear labelling – with a little Union Jack incorporated – will let us know at a glance that we can be assured of helping British people into sustainable work.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Mandatory clear labelling of country of origin would be very helpful. It is sad that we appear not that bothered! In the USA for example you will often see labels such as “proudly made in the USA”. It is a legal requirement in the USA to label country of origin. Unfortunately there is no legal requirement for country of origin labelling in the UK. Fortunately most companies do label their products with information regarding country of origin. The better companies also give this information on their websites too.


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