Climbing Equipment Made in the UK

DMM Climbing Equipment. Innovative climbing gear, made in Wales.

DMM have been manufacturing quality climbing equipment in Wales since 1981. They make recreational climbing equipment, mountaineering equipment and industrial climbing equipment. You’ve got to love their tag line – “CLIMB NOW WORK LATER”. All DMM hardware (metalware) – carabiners and so on – are made in the UK. Some other products they sell such as ropes are foreign made. The ropes they sell are made in Europe, some DMM slings are made in Wales (others in Europe), DMM chalkballs are made in Wales (but other chalk products are made in Europe), DMM clothing is made in Turkey, DMM chalk and rope bags are made in China, DMM helmets, harnesses, boulder mats, rockshoes and some webbing used between carabiners on quickdraws are made in Europe.

You can watch a factory tour documentary on the DMM website here.

DMM Aero Carabiner. Made in Great Britain

DMM Aero Carabiner. Made in Great Britain

Alpkit Waffa bouldering mat. Made in the UK

Alpkit Waffa bouldering mat. Made in the UK now make their own bouldering mats in Nottingham, England –  – Alpkit do great outdoor kit, but most of their stuff is made abroad.  However, they also sell UK made socks, a UK made bikepacking frame, a UK made figfour dry tool and UK made kitbags now (made with UK and German origin fabric and YKK zips).  See Alpkit’s UK made section of their website –

Alp KitBag [Small] 30L duffle bag. Made in the UK (using UK nylon, German Cordura and YKK zips).

Alpkit Kitbag [Small] 30L duffle bag. Made in the UK (using UK nylon, German Cordura and YKK zips).

For rucksacks, rope bags, chalk bags, pouches, bags, beanie hats and much more I recommend Aiguille Alpine.  Based near Kendal, their own brand stuff in made in their own workshop.  They specialise in climbing, outdoor, canoeing and kayaking equipment and much of what they sell is UK made.

Aiguille Alpine Chalk Bag. Made in the Lake District, England.

Aiguille Alpine Chalk Bag. Made in the Lake District, England.

Aiguille Alpine Rope Bucket. Made in England.

Aiguille Alpine Rope Bucket. Made in England.

Aiguille Alpine Runout Rucksack. Made in England.

Aiguille Alpine Runout Rucksack. Made in England.

Aiguille Alpine rope bag. Made in England.

Aiguille Alpine rope bag. Made in England.

Momentum are / were a manufacturer of bouldering mats, chalk bags, and boulder buckets made here in the UK – – – You can still find some of their products for sale on the web but their website says that “due to personal circumstances” they are “currently closed for business”.

I came across this climbing rope bag from a company called Magagrip that is apparently British made at  It looks good and is a reasonable price but I don’t know much about it and their other gear seems to be all foreign made.

Marlow Ropes Ltd. manufactures quality ropes for the Leisure Marine, Industrial and Defence markets, including climbing and abseiling ropes. As far as I know all Marlow ropes are made in Britain, although I am not sure about their other products (check before buying). Marine and offshore ropes, extraction, climbing and abseiling ropes, climbing accessories, ropes and accessories for arboriculture, safety and access ropes, ropes for film and theatre, and ropes for industry. Available online, for example I found Marlow climbing ropes at a company called Rope Locker.

Leading Edge (a brand of Tool Safety Solutions Ltd.) provides working at height training and safety equipment, and tool systems. Leading Edge equipment is all designed and manufactured by Leading Edge at their UK factory in Gosport. They make harnesses, lanyards, rescue kit, anchorage and connectors, inertia reels, restraint kit, ladder safety kit, tool tethers, tool belts, tool bags, etc. which are available from their website and various stockists.

Mountain King walking poles are made in Great Britain – – all their walking poles are made in their factory in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole. Made in Great Britain.

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole. Made in Great Britain.

Hickston Trekstik the walking stick with built in forage tool is made in Britain. Hickston Limited was founded in 2014 and is based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire –

Trekstik-Original. Made in Briain.

Trekstik-Original. Made in Briain.

ProBalm is a skin balm for climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts that is made in the UK. ProBalm is a highly effective skin balm for people who really push their skin to the limit! It’s designed to speed up the rate of recovery of your skin by feeding it really good stuff! Launched in 2011 it has earned a reputation as a reliable skin restorer for professionals and amateurs alike. The best thing is…. you guessed it! It is hand made in the UK.

ProBalm is a skin balm for outdoor enthusiasts. Made in the UK.

ProBalm is a skin balm for outdoor enthusiasts. Made in the UK.

Troll manufacture / procure outdoor gear, climbing gear, and caving gear and will make to order. No direct sales from their website but there are links to stockists. Some of their gear is UK made but unfortunately there is no country of origin labelling alongside their products on the website, so you will have to ask them whether the item you are interested in is UK made or presumably see the packaging.  I get the impression that it is their fabric products that are made in the UK (such as chalk bags), whereas other products on their website are foreign made. The products they sell by “Climbing Technology” are possibly Italian made and their “Wild Climb” climbing shoes are possibly made in Romania. Great they they have a UK factory and I think it well worth checking out their UK made gear.

Basically “everything that is a Troll product is made in the UK.  Everything else is mostly Italy being the Climbing Technology equipment or Wild Climb” (quote from the manufacturer after I emailed them).

On their website they state the following:

“We manufacture many of our products in our UK factory located in North Yorkshire. UK manufacturing means we have greater control of quality, we can manufacture shorter runs, offer bespoke products and have quicker lead times.”


“Where possible we aim to source only high quality materials in the UK.”

Mock Rock manufacture all their climbing walls and climbing holds in the UK.

Clog (now owned by Wild Country) say their gear is part made in the UK.  I’m not sure what that means but it might be worth investigating if you are interested in their products.  Wild Country gear is made in China and possibly most Clog gear is too.

Rock Technologies manufacture in the UK and in Austria. They are the UK’s largest manufacturer of loose chalk, chalkballs, finger support tape and Power putty, but it is not clear from their website which products are made in the UK so you will need to ask before buying –

Rock +Run axe retainers are made in Britain, as are some of their chalk bags, chalk bag belts, webbing belts, and coolmax tops and long johns.

GearHooks wall mounted single hooks or rails for multiple hooks, for storing bicycles, skis, snowboards, skateboards, climbing equipment, fishing gear, garden tools, and so on are “Designed and made in the UK” –

For climbing and outdoor clothing please see my other articles listed under the category “outdoor gear“.

The video below from the BMC advises on checking and retiring kit.  If you’re retiring your faithful rope you might consider donating it to Green Peak Gear who collect used climbing gear and makes it into all sorts of products. Their profits are donated to the Access Conservation Trust – the charity arm of the British Mountaineering Council. Several climbing walls act as collection points. They make Rope rugs, dog leads and skipping ropes.  Available via the Green Peak Gear Amazon shop.

Does anyone know of other climbing equipment made in the UK please? For sport clothing, please click here.

3 thoughts on “Climbing Equipment Made in the UK

  1. Lucy

    Aguille do some amazing outdoor equipment that can really take some hammering, mostly bags and other heavy duty fabric items (their gaitors are brill). I’ve been in their shop/factory near Kendal. And its great to hear the sewing machines going. The owner will help fit you out for a bag, and will even make one to your needs. Can’t recommend them enough.

    Buffalo jackets are still made in Sheffield. Have had great service from them. They’ll also do made to measure. Pleasure to wear.

    DMM slings are, I think, made from fabric from Netherlands which is woven in Birmingham, then the slings are stitched in Wales. So mostly British!

    1. ukmade Post author

      Thanks for your comment. DMM and Buffalo are great and I want to visit Aguille because their stuff look great too. I’ll mention them again on my site. Thanks.


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