Ski and Snowboard Clothing and Equipment Made in the UK

It’s not easy to find British made ski and board equipment and clothing, but here are a few thoughts:

For a new ski or snowboarding jacket or salopettes this winter how about something made in the UK?

Try Buffalo Systems  – all made in Sheffield, England. Buffalo make simply fabulous sleeping bags and mountain shirts, jackets, cycling shirts, trousers, mittens and hoods. Of skiing and snowboarding on their website they say “Any Buffalo garment can be used for Winter sports. The Fell and Alpine Jackets look stylish on the slopes and give you full winter mountain performance, as does the Hooded Belay Jacket. Our Salopettes can be worn to ski or ride in but they do not have any type of snow gaiter fitted. You should also check that they will fit over your boots as they are designed to wear over climbing/ walking boots, not ski boots.”


Buffalo Fell Jacket in Bark. Ideal for skiing. Made in England.

Buffalo Fell Jacket in Bark. Ideal for skiing. Made in England.

Or maybe something from Snugpak – – Take care to choose from their made in the United Kingdom range though.

Snugpak SJ9 Jacket. Manufactured in the United Kindom

Snugpak SJ9 Jacket. Manufactured in the United Kindom

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket. Made in England.

Snugpak Sleeka Jacket. Made in England.

Fortis Clothing (Country Covers) make tire (tyre?) covers, car seat covers and clothing. According to their website they “make everything themselves in Devon, UK”. The company describe their clothing as “endurance and sporting clothing” for outdoor workers, adventurers and enthusaists. They make military clothing, police clothing, shooting clothing, skiing clothing and outdoor clothing. The company attend shows or can be visited in Devon. They also have 2 holiday cottages to let and run a clay pigeon shooting game called “Shnooker.” Of their clothing they say “We are proud to say that we are a purely British manufacturer. All our clothing is made on site on our family farm in Devon.” Camouflage or plain colours. Coats, jackets, smocks, waterproof trousers, fleeces, trousers, skirts, vests and gillets, jumpers, field shirts, and so on; for men and women. Plus wheel covers (tyre covers) and seat covers. Despite what they say about making everything themselves in the UK, not all items are made in Britain or made by them (for example their sleeping bags are foreign made). Not all items are labelled as “made in Britain” against individual products on their website and I would advise that you check where a product is made before buying. For example their shemagh is foreign made but it does not say so. Most products though do appear to be made in the UK.

Lancashire Pike Clothing outerwear is made in Bolton, England using Ventile cotton. Cycling jackets, Alpine smocks, and classic Alpine ski jackets. Available via their website –

Lancashire Pike Clothing Classic Alpine Ski Jacket. Made in England.

Lancashire Pike Clothing Classic Alpine Ski Jacket. Made in England.

Merrow Clothing make their vintage style telemark smock jackets in Britain –

PHD (Peter Hutchinson Designs) make down sleeping bags, down jackets and mountaineering clothing. All PHP products are made in England –

Have a look under my “clothing” or “outdoor gear” categories for general clothing to wear and base layers for skiing, snowboarding and in the winter and on the mountain. Use the ‘find’ on page on your computer to say search for base layers, as my clothing article is very long. Please see my underwear write-up for thermals and underwear.

Possibly you could wear Haycyon goggles for skiing / snowboarding (over your prescription glasses if you wear them)?  Or I wonder if Premier Optical or Opera Opera could make glasses / sunglasses suitable for skiing and other sports? I have not looked into this properly, but it could be worth investigating the possibilities. For prescription glasses and sunglasses generally please see

A snowboarding company called Love Inc sell a snowboard / ski glove which is “handmade in the UK”. They also sell “a blunt nosed all mountain board hand made in the UK” and Merino wool top and long johns baselayer which are “crafted in the UK”. I don’t think anything else Love Inc sell is UK made. I first saw the gloves on a website called “Devine Ride” –

Love Inc red snowboarding / skiing gloves. Made in the UK.

Love Inc red snowboarding / skiing gloves. Made in the UK.

For more British made gloves please see

For skiing and snowboarding hats and scarves (beanies, watch caps, bobble hats, etc) please see

With regards to snowsports and mountains generally, you might also want to see my section on survival gear and medical equipment and my Outdoor Gear category. For climbing gear and equipment please click here.

For trekking poles,

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole. Made in Great Britain.

Mountain King Guide Walking Pole. Made in Great Britain.

Loqski is a new product for locking your skis that is to be made in the UK (by the MAN Group co-operative) and is scheduled to be available for the 2014/15 ski season. It is now available –

All CGR own branded products are made in England and, whilst designed for bikers, you may well find something here (for example one of their micro-fleeces) to keep you warm for use in colder resorts –

Knox make motorcycle and mountain biking gear and body armour. Their products are suitable for motorcycling, motocross, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing and equestrian. Much of their gear is made in Britain, with the items made in Britain clearly labelled on their website –

ProBalm is a skin balm for boarders, skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts that is made in the UK.

ProBalm is a skin balm for outdoor enthusiasts. Made in the UK.

ProBalm is a skin balm for outdoor enthusiasts. Made in the UK.

Manufactured in the UK, Nikwax make a range of products to waterproof all sorts of winter and outdoor sports equipment, including bags, clothes, tents, boots and more. Apply it to your snowboarding kit and you’ll get maximum performance and longevity from all your gear. All their products are water-based so there are no nasty chemicals and the impact on the planet is limited. Nikwax say on their website “All our aftercare products are manufactured in the UK”. The Nikwax Analogy waterproof system fabric was developed by Paramo / Nikwax but I assume the fabric is foreign milled (because Paramo products are foreign made) –

GearHooks wall mounted single hooks or rails for multiple hooks, for storing bicycles, skis, snowboards, skateboards, climbing equipment, fishing gear, garden tools, and so on are “Designed and made in the UK” –

Douk make their snowboards in the UK. The company were founded in 2012. They are described on their website as “handcrafted in the UK” and they say “It’s not often that you would expect to find a snowboard manufacturer in the UK. This is exactly what Douk wanted to change, by not only starting our own brand, but also designing and building the snowboards ourselves”. Prices are realistic and the designs look great –

The SIREN snowboard by Propaganda says on their website that it is “hand made in the UK”. I don’t know about any of their other snowboards as this is the only one that country of origin information is given for and there is no further information about country of origin on their site, so I imagine their other snowboards are foreign made.  The company was founded in 2014 and also run the Propaganda Snowboard Chalet in Slovakia, which has been around since 2005 –

Lonely Mountain Skis (LMS) is a micro ski company based in Perthshire, who make their skis in Scotland. They say on their website “All of our skis, cores and tooling are manufactured in-house at our Birnam (in Perthshire, Scotland) workshop” and “We build handmade custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. We currently have three ski shapes in our library and we also do bespoke ski commissions.” The skis themselves have the words “Made in Scotland” on them. Their website says “Freeride skis, handmade in Scotland” at the top of the landing page. Their skis all have an off-piste focus with a backcountry/touring slant, but the Sneachda is the workhorse of the range and it’s a ‘do everything, everywhere’ ski –

Pure Freeride Design (PDF) Skis of Scotland handmade freeride skis do not give any information about country of origin on their website. They say they are handmade but they do not say where they are handmade, so they may well be made abroad.

Whitedot Skis of Leeds say “We manufacture in Europe” by which I assume they mean not the in the UK. They do not state where their apparel is made and so that will be outside of Europe.

For British made skiing / snowboarding socks, please see my post on British made socks, which includes UK made specialist socks for skiing, snowboarding and the mountains, for example from the Sock Mine and BridgedaleBrewin’s make a unisex British made ski / snowboarding tube sock which they sell on their Amazon store. Ski tube socks are long socks with no heel seam, essentially a tube, that are designed to be worn with ski boots. As there are no seams to rub some find them more comfortable and they are generally one size fits all. Ski tubes are the most basic and cost friendly ski socks and are considered by some to be ideal for wear with snow and ski boots. Sub-Zero also do ski tube socks as well as other ski socks and base layers and jackets, etc.

For backpacks please click here, for bags from the likes of Aiguille Alpine and Trakke which are ideal for use in the mountains.

UK made surfing gear

Watershed Brand sell some UK made lap blankets or throws. They also sell UK made surf boards and UK made bodysurfing handplanes. The other items they sell are all foreign made –

Buffalo Systems Alpine Jacket in bark

Buffalo Systems Alpine Jacket in bark
Snugpak SJ9 Jacket. Manufactured in the United Kindom

Snugpak SJ9 Jacket. Manufactured in the United Kingdom


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