Hotter Shoes

Hotter HAZE XS Ladies walking Boot.  Made in England

Hotter HAZE XS Ladies walking Boot. Made in England

Hotter Shoes – – have a factory in Lancashire, England but some of their products are made abroad.  The company state a desire to increase production in the UK, so let’s hope they do that.  Their shoes are reasonably priced, but regrettably on their website they do not say which shoes are made in England.  You can ask or visit one of their shops and the shoes themselves state the country of origin.  I was in their Windsor shop yesterday (29.12.12) and every pair of shoes I picked up was made in England. They have a very impressive range of ladies and mens shoes, boots and slippers. They all look super comfortable and the prices are very reasonable.  This is a shoe brand that is well worth checking out and I will be back in their shop soon to buy some shoes I am sure.  Highly recommended.  Hotter are now (26.3.13) saying “all our shoes are designed and produced here in the UK”, however I understand some use Italian leather and some, despite this statement, are actually made in Italy. Hotter is now the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer.

My new Hotter Cutlass shoes arrived today (14.2.13) – made in England – the box they came in is made in England too.  They even came with a free shoe horn.  Super comfy, very lightweight, great quality.  Fab.

Hotter TOWN SHOE BLACK.  Made in England

Hotter Mens TOWN SHOE BLACK. Made in England



2 thoughts on “Hotter Shoes

  1. Simon Jones

    Have just purchased a pair of Hotter Burton men’s shoes (Sep 2015) and it is not obvious that these are made in England, being marked merely “Hotter, England”. So I emailed customer service and received a prompt and comprehensive reply assuring me that this type is made in Skelmersdale and that overall 75% of their output stems from the Lancashire factory.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It is pleasing to hear that Hotter make 75% of their output in the UK. Personally I have only ever bought shoes / boots from them that have the words “made in England” on them somewhere. Good that your boots are made in the UK in any case. The Hotter shoes and the Hotter boots I have are really comfortable and hard wearing.


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