BBC News – Apple’s Tim Cook says Macs will be made in US

BBC News – Apples Tim Cook says Macs will be made in US.

Apple is to begin manufacturing one of its Mac lines exclusively in its home country.  Does this show a degree of patriotism from Apple or is it perhaps a reaction to to customer demand or to economic forces?  In any case it is interesting, as is the fact that some companies are still shifting production from the UK to parts of Europe as well as the far east whilst others are bringing production back to the UK.  If patriotism is behind or at least partly behind Apple’s recent announcement where does that leave UK industry which is increasingly foreign owned? Swedish Match for example shifted all match production to Sweden and Kraft have moved Terry’s Chocolate Orange production and the making of some Cadbury’s chocolate to Poland.  I wonder if many consumers in Britain actually think they are buying British when they shop and consciously or otherwise ignore the fairly recent shift by British based companies to make things abroad.  I also think British consumers want to buy British made goods and support jobs here.  Is that true?  There is certainly a strong demand for British made goods the world over because the quality is perceived as very good, yet for preference the Japanese for example will always buy Japanese made, people in China Chinese made, people in the US goods made in the USA and so on.  Are the British public unpatriotic, unknowing or uncaring over where the stuff they buy is made?  There is perhaps a need to dispel the myth that Britain doesn’t make anything anymore and encourage consumers to buy British.  The EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, recently reported that 40pc of companies currently manufacturing abroad are looking to bring production back home and suggested “we need to foster this interest in a resurgence of manufacturing in the UK: for the economy, for job creation and for national pride.”


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