Sunspel Clothing

Sunspel have their own factory in Nottinghamshire, England and 2 shops in London.  Many of their clothes are made in the UK, but not all by any means.  Even their iconic boxer shorts and Bond’s Riviera polo shirt are made in Turkey.  Not everything on the website or on the garments themselves is clearly labelled with the country of origin, although some are labelled. If it does not have a made in England label, then you can assume it is made abroad.  Their made in England range of clothes are of exceptional quality.  Shop carefully and you can get fabulous made in the UK products at Sunspel.  Marketed Sunspel England.

Sunspel cotton t-shirt. Made in England


3 thoughts on “Sunspel Clothing

  1. Peter Hickman

    I’ve given up with Sunspel. I’ve bought various things from them over the last few years, trying to choose things made in England. I’ve had some items that have turned out to be made in Turkey or Portugal, even though the Web site stated England. Yes, a few products are made here but the vast majority aren’t, which is a real shame considering the brand’s heritage and the premium prices. It seems a bit of a sham.

    1. ukmade Post author

      Yes, the majority of Sunspel products are made in places like Turkey, including for example their boxer shorts and polo shirts. They have a shop in London and you could visit and see the labels before you buy. It does seem a shame they do not make more of their products in England but at least they do make some products here.

  2. Peter Hickman

    Yes I agree, I am being rather negative; at least they do still have a factory in England and haven’t outsourced all production. I just wish their Web site had a filter for the country of origin, but of course they don’t see it as an issue and obviously would rather not highlight it.
    I think they’re missing a trick though, as they could make more of their heritage in their advertising if they could promote their factory in Long Eaton without having to admit that most products are made in countries with lower wage costs.


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