Reblogged from vickysmadeinbritain – see (made in Britain pet clothing and accessories) and (made in England dog apparel and accessories).

– Vicky also has her own online gift shop –  

Muddy Paws have a made in the UK section on their website which sells UK made dog beds.

Creature Clothes – Hand-made in the UK – Their website states “We design everything in-house, test all of our products with our intrepid team of testers before sale, and manufacture all of our goods in the UK, primarily in our Suffok workshop.” – blankets, collars, leads, bandanas, emergency treats, beds, Union Flag goodies, wedding clothing for pets, wedding stationery for cats and dogs, and even some stuff for humans –

I also found these made in England dog lead swivel clips on e-bay.  As well as these UK made pet fleece blankets, also on e-bay.

Bertz Pet Bakery hand make dog treat biscuits, birthday cake for dogs, dog cupcakes, etc in Staffordshire, England.

Forest Fleece make dog coats in England.

Lavenham Jackets make horse blankets and horse rugs in England.

For more made in Great Britain pet products please see my article “Pet Products Made in the UK“.


As you may already know from one of my previous blog posts, my Westie Belle also loves things that are made in Britain. We recently visited her favourite pet boutique called Barkitty where Belle spotted a very patriotic Union Jack harness made by Mutts and Hounds. When she tried it on and had lots of attention and compliments from the other customers in the shop, she just had to have it!

Here is Belle trying on the Mutts and Hounds Union Jack harness at Barkitty. I think she has very good taste as it really suits her and also fits perfectly!

A couple of piccies of Belle modeling her new trendy harness before going out for a walk.

The same Mutts and Hounds harness is also available in Tweed.

You can also buy a Mutts and Hounds Union Jack neckerchief.

Here are a few more ‘Made in Britain’…

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  1. Phil Oakdon

    We’re a new company selling funky dog coats, collars, leads and bandanas. We have our own range of dog coats which are designed and made in the UK. We also stock Hiro + Wolf collars and leads which are lovingly handmade in their Caledonian Road studio in London. What makes us different? Well not only do we stock awesome products but we offer free shipping on everything AND we donate a percentage of all sales to Dogs Trust. If only your dog could choose!


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